Why I Refuse to Ask Another Man "What are We?"

Why I Refuse to Ask Another Man "What are We?"

I'm not sure if I'm the only woman with this issue, and I do understand that the way you carry yourself determines what type of men you attract, but for some reason, I always attract the ones that think they're the prize. Now I'm not man bashing in the slightest, I've mistakenly turned down my fair share of "great" guys. As my grandmother would say "my picker is broken" because I seem to pick the ones that either don't want to settle down, that think they're the prize, or that just plain don't value what I bring to the table. After my series of failed relationships, there is one thing I've learned, I WILL NEVER ASK ANOTHER MAN, "WHAT ARE WE?". And funny, let me tell you WHY. 

1. If he’s into you, you won’t have to question where he’s trying to take things with you:

We all love the “thrill of the chase”, but men, THEY LOOOOOOVE the “thrill of the chase”. Men have these two things called testosterone and pride. It causes them to want the biggest, the fastest, the baddest, and the most of anything that they're into. But it also causes them to want to EARN things. It’s sort of like a competition. A hunt. So if they see something they want, they’ll do whatever they have to, to get it. So if he wants you, or a relationship with you, YOU WON’T HAVE TO ASK SWEETHEART. He’ll let be known. 

2. You automatically put yourself in the weaker position

 If you have to ask anyone of the male species, “what are we doing” “Where are we going with this?” that lets him know he has the upper hand. You’ve officially put the ball in his court. He can now make the decision of where you guys are going because you’ve asked him. But again, referencing back to bullet point #1, if he hasn’t already let it be known that he’s looking for something with you, he doesn’t want anything more, because he’ll let it be known. 

3. It comes off as needy when coming from a woman

A majority of the time, when a woman asks about the relationship status, it’s because it’s important to her, and she needs that status to give her some level of comfort. When we think about things though, a man will be a man with or without the title. If a man is committed to YOU, he’ll let it be known, because he will want to be sure you’re committed to him. So if you’re questioning where you stand, it’s because you NEED to know to feel that comfort, and you shouldn’t need that. 


4. When you know your worth you make sure you know what someone’s intentions are

 Most men know the worth of “high value” women, because “high value” women know that they are “HIGH VALUE” WOMEN. When a woman knows her worth a man will make his intentions with her very clear because he knows there is no other way to keep her in his life. If a woman doesn’t know her worth, she will allow herself to be in positions where she has to question a man’s intentions. 

5. Because we as women need to be so focused on our lives and bettering ourselves, that a man will have to ask us “where are we going with this”.

When a woman is focused on herself she has this magical power of attracting men. Men love when a woman has her own life. When she does not NEED him. It’s weird, but we all want what we can’t have to a certain extent. So if a woman is so focused and busy with her own life, that he has to earn her and her time, He won’t waste it. He won’t leave you guessing what his intentions are. He won’t cause you to feel weak or inferior. And he will let it be known where he WANTS to stand in your life.