Laniece Sims

What About Your Frieeeeeendssssss!!

Laniece Sims
What About Your Frieeeeeendssssss!!

      What about your frieeeeeeends, are they gonna stand their ground? Are they gonna let you down? yeeaaaaa. I watched an episode of “I Love Bekka and Lucy” on youtube Sunday night (if you've never seen it, please go watch it), and I got a tummy full of butterflies. Finally another show that stresses the importance of female friendships. Growing up watching shows like “Living Single”, and “Girlfriends” , and watching my mom with her own group of girlfriends, the beauty of having sister-friends has always been depicted in a positive way throughout my life . So why is it important that we have our GIRLfriends? 


My friends have helped me out of some of my darkest hours. 

Whether it was a rough break up, or not being accepted into schools when I was down and out my friends were there to always help me see the silver lining. I normally take breakups pretty hard, just having a friend to vent to that would listen was a lifesaver for me.

It always feels better to celebrate with someone 

Having friends that genuinely want the best for you, and love to see you succeed is an added benefit. When you celebrate you always have someone to celebrate with you. You never have to worry about who to share your good news with. 

Sometimes they’re your only drop of common sense when you have none, and you can’t run to your parents

A lot of times when a situation affects us directly we have a tendency to make emotional choices, instead of logical choices. Having a friend around to give you an outside level-headed perspective will help you make better decisions, and stay on track in life. 

Friends make the best travel buddies.

I mean who else shares your taste in music, and makes the best carpool karaoke partners? Who else can you sit and talk to for hours without getting tired? Your friends of course?

We are relational creatures.

We were all placed on this Earth to be in relation to each other. The need to be desired or wanted by others is what fuels everyone. With your companions, you isolate yourself, which we all know is unhealthy. 

I love that my friends support my crazy ideas.

During the beginning phase of starting my blog, I was always crippled over by fear. Having my friends there to support me, and remind me that I have what it takes has been the biggest help. Also having friends that will support the idea of slashing your exes tires at 3 in the morning doesn’t hurt either. I mean we all need balance, right?