Over the weekend I did nothing but prepare for 20 Something Doing Something coming up this Saturday! When I was finally able to pull away, I stopped by Truth Life Revolution's spot to drop off a few tickets. They were my FIRST #20SDS post so it was dope to see what they are up to a year later! I pulled up and I could hear Bob Marley playing from the outside. They had been grilling and offered food. They all collaborated on a piece of art asked me to stay for the printing party. They placed a bag of solid garments in my hand and told me to pick out whatever I wanted. At first I was hesitant because I had so much more work I wanted to do but I'm so happy I stayed because I got to learn the whole process of how they are making their shirts.


TLR just had their second Made In Winston Trade Show and a few new additions to their family. Just last year, when I visited the TLR house, some rooms were completely empty or used to play beer pong or have photoshoots. However when I walked in Saturday night all of the rooms were completely transformed, with the spirit of the beer pong table still in the air. One of the empty rooms was still used for photoshoots, the other had been turned into an office, and the other had a humongous printing machine in it. I was in awe!  They had even turned one of the bathrooms into an exposure room for screens. After I saw this I had to stay!!

They let me print my shirt first because they saw I was in a rush. I printed the TLR logo first but after it turned out so pretty I had to stay to make sure I got their art work as well! They showed me every step and made me do it myself!

how to screen press a graphic tshirt
how to screen press a graphic tshirt

Step 1:

Clean the screen & place the garment on the pressing board.


Step 2:

Place paint at the top and bottom of the screen


Step 3:

Spread the paint across the screen with the squeegee and make sure it is where you would like it to be placed on your garment.

20 Something Doin' Something 20SDS 20 something doing something
20 Something Doin' Something 20SDS 20 something doing something

Step 4:

Press the screen down on the garment and scrape the paint to one side of the screen with the squeegee, clearing it.

20 Something Doin' Something 20SDS 20 something doing something

Step 5:

Lift the screen to see how much paint transferred, and if you need and a second transfer; if so repeat steps 1 - 4.

20 Something Doin' Something 20SDS snooty judy 20 Something Doing Something

Step 6:

Remove shirt and place under heat to dry.

It was amazing! Every one made their own shorts, tees, jerseys and it was an opportunity to teach everybody in the company how to use their very own new print machine. That's a big deal when you are used to outsourcing everything to create your clothes. They are now able to make sure it comes out the quality they want themselves.