#20SDS: BANK$ of Flyluminati


THE ENTIRE VIDEO IS HERE... Before our interview I didn't know Bank$, but I always had different friends bringing him up and talking about the same thing... his music. I downloaded his latest album, "Wealth" on iTunes, and listened to several songs, I am a sucker for samples and the minute I heard DWYW I knew I wanted him to perform at 20 Something Doin' Something this Saturday. Even his older projects like The Bankuet has a few mean samples with hilarious interruptions from Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince. The interview quickly turned into a 3 hour debate about music with him and his creative director Meezy, and it's evident he has a passion for music.


"I've never been able to sit back, go out and party and then come back and make a song. Everything is based off of my life, what I grew up with, what I didn't have, what I have now, my son, my family, my struggles"

Bank$ has been rapping since 2010 with his best friend Chill, completing the duo Flyluminati. Bank$ grabs influence from artist like Kanye and hopes to work with others like Pharrell and Sade in the future. However, I was able to ask Bank$ what does he want to bring to the city and what makes him different from most rappers. He wants to share his experiences and his story, no one can take that from him. That's what sets him apart and makes his music timeless. "It's not about the money, I just want to be someones favorite rapper" He also refuses to change his music to fall in line with the current trends. He hopes to bring exposure to the city through his unique and individual style. I also asked him who he would work with locally and he really has producers he already enjoys working with in the city but he named a local female artist, Lilly, who he has worked with on several occasions and spoke highly of.

I am excited about what Bank$ has going on. He even shared some of the things he has planned for the future. I really wish I could share it cause it sounds like it is gonna be a dope project coming from his team, but you can follow Bank$ for future updates and you can get all of his music at pretty much any music streaming service (iTunes, Tidal, Sound Cloud, etc). Make sure to watch the video for more of our interview.