If Nobody Has Your Back, BLACK WOMAN, I do #STAYSNOOTY


I never realized how much shade the black woman gets on a CONSISTENT basis. Yep! The picture of Gabby Sidibe being referred to as Harambe is worthy of a post (mostly because I’m angry and sad about it at the same time). I couldn’t figure out why this post got under my skin so bad. I thought it was because Gabby is a big girl like me, then I realized nobody has ever referred to me as a Gorilla (at least not to my face). What makes me different? MY YELLOW SKIN! I haven’t seen plus size Jill Scott or Queen Latifah being referred to as a giant monkey. Call me sensitive or extra but if you don’t see the problem then… ahem you know the rest. Black women will never be perfect as long as we let somebody else tell it.  

We are never good enough and some kind of way it’s okay to disrespect us and our bodies for laughs. Grown men out here with daughters laughing at Gabby being called a monkey. Pray your daughter never has a condition that causes her to gain weight (like giving birth)! The post was funny because it’s Gabby huh? (Side note: I'd like to point out... SOME OF YALL AIN'T EVEN ALLOWED TO BE IN THE SAME ROOM AS GABBY, BTW. ) But, don’t let it be your first lady though then we ready to throw hands and calling Huffington Post. STOP, yall don’t love ALL black women! Yall only love black women when they are visually appealing or doing something you approve of. How do I know this? Because you easily disrespect the black woman AND then you allow others to!

You only want a BBW if she got a waist. You only want a dark skin girl if she looks like Kelly Rowland. How can you get mad when other cultures disrespect your women, when we only like and show respect to SOME black women. It looks like the rules don’t apply to ALL black women if you let black people on social media tell it. It’s time out for the picking and choosing what we are offended by. If you’re going to be out here calling the black woman queens and goddesses, love all of us, not the ones married to influential figures, with perfect coke bottle figures, or making over 6 figures.

Respect us all! Respect us because we can carry a whole human being for nine months. Respect us because we are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs. Respect us because we are the most educated population of the American public. Respect us because it was a BLACK female that made it on the $20 bill. Respect us because yo strong black momma that wiped yo black butt came from another strong black momma that was once referred to as a gorilla, by a group that didn’t respect us.

If nobody has your back black woman I do. #STAYSNOOTY

BLACKwhitney daniel