My 7 Pointers for Growing Support

My 7 Pointers for Growing Support

Everyone wants and needs support to help build their brands and businesses. With my first blog, I was the only one bringing in views for my page; meaning I was the only one reading and looking at my blog. Even though my blog is nowhere near where I would like it to be, I would've never thought that, three blogs later, I'd be receiving the support I see now. I am grateful for everyone who shares, likes and reads my blog, but here are a few things I had to understand about the tricky situation of getting others to support you. IMG_1619

People like stories and situations they can relate to and can tell when you are not being genuine. Nobody wants to read fake or dramatic stories for likes or shares. Tell them what’s really going on and don’t put on a show, because they will know.


You want shares, but what did you give in return? Offer people something. Don’t share your post expecting people to just give you something. I’m not saying throw money at people to get them to support you. I’m saying offer something that people actually want. Teach people something, show them how to do something, don’t just expect people to like and share and you’re not offering them anything in return.


DO NOT DO IT! It wasn’t okay when you were little and it is not okay now. Whining doesn’t make people feel bad for you and want to support you any more than they already intend to. In addition to that, the same second you spent whining you could have spent marketing, creating, or making your next big move. You really shouldn’t whine about anything figure out the problem and fix it!


Supporting others helps you build a network. I could be an uppity blogger and never support the other bloggers I see on my timeline but how would that benefit me. I could support others and build a team where we help each other grow. I will give an example. I am grateful for TLR they always support me and I always support them we have 2 very different set of followers but because we support each other our followers blend allowing both of our brands to be exposed to new people.


I have a very close friend I try to support in every way possible and it really hurt my feelings that she didn’t support me the same way I supported her. No I didn’t stop sharing her post or helping her build her brand, I continued to support. I know this may not seem easy but you will be rewarded for what you do, not what others do to you. I’m a firm believer in karma and if you sow good seeds you will reap them in return.


Whether they “like” your Instagram pictures or “share” your Facebook post they still see what you are doing. They may or may not support you, you may not have something they need, but I promise some people, and I hate to say it but not all, are proud of what you are doing. I am shocked when someone tells me they have actually read my blog it makes me get teary eyed because it shows that more people are watching and learning from you than you even know.


Post as many times a day on Facebook you need! Sell food on the same corner every weekend if you have to! Keep rapping at all the night clubs! JUST DON’T GIVE UP! Things are never what they seem at first but you have to keep going. I remember my first event, I had been promoting for over a MONTH! I was so sad the morning of the event, I was on my way to buy food and wine to serve at the event where I had planned for 100 people to show up but I had only sold ten tickets!!! It wasn’t until about 2 hours before the event started that people started buying tickets and I had to shut it down before I went over the limit! My point is things may not look like they are working out but if it is meant to be, they are!