Best & Worst of 2015

Best & Worst of 2015

Screenshot_2015-12-29-12-38-56-1-1 As 2015 comes to an end I must admit this was a rather eventful year, I have learned a lot and seen a lot happen! IT WAS LIT! Starting Snooty Judy was one of the best things to happen to me this year but of course this year had some "WTF" moments as well. From Trump to albums to #20SDS this is the best and worst of 2015 !




1. Ava & Viv

I’m still disappointed in Target’s new plus line. It was not as fashion forward as their other lines and as I continue to check back in nothing has changed. I love everything about Target EXCEPT THAT!





I had to hit a few with scissors this year. I never had the desire to be a snake charmer but I learned in 2015 it comes with the business. It was hard dealing with the passing of my friend, August, and dealing with those I had to cut loose and let go.

3.Police Brutality Lives On

I mean nothing new. What’s worst it’s almost like we as a people don’t know what to do. I personally think we need to stop asking for respect from others and give it to each other. Black people need to work together.



4.Donald Trump

Modern day Hitler. I’m waiting for this to be a big joke!




5.The Hold of Social Media

The hold got stronger on everyone in 2015. People rely on social media to give the news and tell them how to think and what to like. In addition to the sudden popularity of Snapchat, it had everyone’s phone constantly in their hands.


6.NO YEEZYSwp-1451413186407.jpg

I'm devastated i wanted those tans that dropped today but i still have 2 days to cop that Yeezus merch before the year ends!




wp-1451416413075.jpg1.Social Media

Yea its listed as the best and worst, because even though it can take over one's mind it also is a great laugh From the Zora twitter story to taking notes every time DJ Khaled drops a new key to succes it is a great resource for many things.



2. 20 Something Doing Something Happened!wpid-2015-05-07-01.59.34-1.jpg.jpeg

It was great to see so many young people in one room having a good time and supporting each other! To see other 20 somethings that want to produce great things come together to network was a powerful thing. It was also a great opportunity to use my photography, creative, and marketing skills to strengthen my own craft.wp-1451412348397.png


3. Albumscreenshot_2015-12-29-14-24-08.png

wp-1451411342703.jpg I had the hardest time trying to choose between Erykah Badu’s, “Cain’t Use My Phone” or Raury’s self-titled album. Then I woke up and chose neither TRAVIS SCOTT'S RODEO TAKES THE CAKE! I loved every single song and I felt I could relate to songs such as apple pie as I try to create my own recipe starting with Snooty Judy.





Kanye Announced he is running for president 2020 at the MTV VMAs . . . YOU KNO IM HERE FOR IT! And Welcomed Baby Saint!




5. Thrifting is still where it’s at!

With only $40 we figured out how to make it work and came out with 7 pieces and created 4 different outfits! Right under #20SDS it was the most popular post of 2015wp-1450116822808.png


6. New Discoveries

This year I went to Chicago for the first time and enjoyed every minute of the museums, nightlife, and shopping! I also attended Raurfest where I was able to meet all sorts of artists taking over Atlanta. (Photo is a link to Chicago post)wpid-wp-1443503030283.png