The Black Traveler's Guide: Where to Eat in Paris?

The Black Traveler's Guide: Where to Eat in Paris?
Breakfast at HolyBelly

Breakfast at HolyBelly

I was able to roam the streets of Paris with one of my closest friends recently. We visited the Eiffel tower and did everything you would expect a tourist to do when in Paris. But one of the best parts of the entire trip was the authentic Parisian food.With that being said I have compiled a list of the best places to eat when in Paris.

Breakfast @ Hollybelly

Melbourne Style Diner but specializes in foods from various countries. They have french dishes like “Aligot et saucisse de Morteau”; next to a southern comfort food classic like “Cornbread and Beans”. They also send the water for their coffee through a special system to help them provide the best tasting coffee ever!

Macaroons Al Gelato at Amorino

Before the cupcake craze, it was macaroons and at Amorino you can get macaroons and gelato. I opted for a gelato waffle cone topped with a macaroon. This place is perfect for a sweet authentic treat.

Miss Home, try PNY Burger

The Parisian founder is fine AF so that's reason enough to visit this burger joint. PARIS NEW YORK  Burger specializes in bringing the highest quality of the traditional American meal to Paris. The founders manage everything down to the reproduction of animals to preparing the burgers. So if you are visiting this beautiful city and miss a taste of home, stop by PNY burger.

Romantic Date at Il Gigolo

This restaurant is beautiful with flowers hanging from the ceiling. I tried their lasagna while my traveling companion ate their pizza. The service was amazing and matched the beautiful decor perfectly. Even if you are visiting this city with a friend, you should still stop by this beautiful restaurant.

Pizza and Pasta in Paris at Firmine

Blocks from the Eiffel Tower and not filled with tourist. Most people don’t travel to Paris for pizza and pasta, however this place shouldn’t be missed during your visit. Don’t worry vegetarians, they have options for you too but the Carbonara is to die for.

I hope this guide was helpful. Nothing is more annoying then arriving in an unfamiliar city and not knowing where to eat. Hopefully this post helped when planning your future travel itineraries to Paris.