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Simple Ins and Outs of Finding Yourself

Laniece Simslifestyle
Simple Ins and Outs of Finding Yourself

1. Examine yourself.

Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror figuratively or physically. Give yourself a reality check. Do not be harsh or critical of yourself but look at your skin. Examine it, learn it. Are you caring for it? Also look into your soul. Who are you? What are your boundaries? What do you stand for?


2. Spend time with yourself.

When you’re alone you learn what it is YOU like without being influenced. You make the decisions about how you go about your day, and you find out how you like to “move around”. You’ll realize if you truly like to plan your days or if you're more of the spontaneous types? Do you catch yourself doing things in your day that you’d never expected to do often? Do you like to listen to podcasts, or the radio? Do you sleep in, or are you a morning person? All of these things help define who you are as a person, and what better time than when you’re alone to truly figure yourself out? You are who you truly are when you are alone. 


3. Try new things.

How can you find out what you like to do if you don’t try anything new? Trying new things not only makes you a more well rounded person, but it also introduces you to new people, new places, and new ideas. It broadens your taste buds for life.


4. Make new acquaintances.

Making new friends as you get older gets harder for some, but mingling with new people gives you more perspectives. It gives you the chance to be a positive influence on others. It introduces you to new ideas, different cultures, and opinions. This will also help you build character. So you don’t have to technically make new friends, but you could stand to introduce yourself to a few new people.


5. Find a sense of faith.

Having a sense of faith keeps you grounded. It helps you to worry less, and enjoy life more. When you have faith in knowing that your every need will somehow be taken care of, you are less stressed due to the sense of hope you have. 


6. Do what you love.

When you do what you love it relieves stress, which aids in your happiness. Happier people, as we all know, tend to shed love and light on others. And what we put out into the world, is always returned to us. So, then giving and receiving love becomes a cycle or habit in your life.