What Type of Friend Are You From Your Favorite Black Sitcom?

What Type of Friend Are You From Your Favorite Black Sitcom?

Because they were confident bosses, I can remember watching black sitcoms and wishing I was friends with Toni Childs or Khadijah James. And after this week’s episode of Insecure, I noticed that I love and can totally relate to Molly and Issa’s relationship when it comes to my friends. We all have at least one of these friends in our lives. What type of friend are you from your favorite black TV shows?

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Molly - Honest but Truly Cares For Your Happiness friend

The friend that will tell you, putting sugar in the ex's who cheated tank is a bad idea, but will still help you do it. This is Molly from Insecure. She helped Issa pop up at Nathan’s house, and even though she knew it was a bad idea she told her, and was still with it! FRIENDS LIKE THIS ARE IMPORTANT. Friends that allow you to make your own mistakes, stand by you as you make them, and then they are there to support you when it's all said and done, are the best kind. They will give you honest and sound advice but will allow you to make your own decisions. Good or bad they just want to see you happy.


Pam - The With The Shits Friend

The one who came up with the idea to put the sugar in the tank. This friend is the firecracker. Always ready to have fun, have your back, and has no boundaries. I’m usually this friend mixed with the honest friend. This friend wants to live their best life while you live your best life too. This is usually the free spirited friend, like Mya from Girlfriends or Pam from Martin. Pam was always ready to fight and had Gina’s back.


Khadijah - The Friend Who Is Not With The Shits

The friend you didn’t tell you were going to put sugar in his tank because she is going to judge you. The one who told you to break up with him because she already knew he was trash. So now every time you vent she doesn’t want to hear it or is fussing you out, because she told you so. This is usually the friend with a good job or married with kids. They are the ones so focused on their career, like Khadijah was with Flavor, that they have no time for bullshit. Khadijah was seen as the mother of the group and was often the voice of reason. Their motherly and boss bitch instincts transfer right over into the friendship. These friends bring balance. When you need real adult advice these friends are usually the voice of reason.

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Chad - here for a Good Time friend

The one who is never around but heard yall was going to put sugar in his tank so she is going to tag along. You know if you want to go out to eat or go to a party you call this friend. You may not share everything with this friend but when it’s time to take a trip, go to a concert, or an event this friend is a great party and networking partner, like Lawrence’s friend Chad. Chad is always ready to have a good time but may not have Lawrence’s best interest at heart, like when he tagged along to church with Lawrence, but only got saved to pick up chicks. Chad is the fun guy, but that’s about it.


Jazzy Jeff - YKWTFGO Friend

The one you may not speak to often but you called them as soon as you were done putting the sugar in his tank to tell them what happened. You and this friend may not speak for months, but as soon as you say hello they can tell by the tone in your voice something is wrong. This friend ALWAYS knows wtf is going on even if they haven’t been involved like Jazzy Jeff on Fresh Prince. He wasn’t apart of every episode, but when you saw him you knew what it was. He was always there, and you never doubted his relationship with Will. I appreciate these friends too it truly shows how unconditional love can exist among friends.

I HAVE TENDENCIES where I can be all of these friends but Share With Us What Type of Friend are You?