Work a 9-5, Pursue Your Dream, & Not Go Crazy

Not being able to get a full 8 hours of sleep, being stressed out, and making sacrifices is inevitable when producing something you are passionate about. Working 40 hours a week then building your own business afterward takes a different type of self-care, so here are a few ways to maintain your sanity.

Social Media Breaks

Making sure your content is seen and produces engagement is a reality in this world as a business owner, blogger, artists, or whatever it is you do. There was a period where I felt like I couldn’t leave social media. Like if I stopped posting for one day then my followers would go down, the algorithm was gonna switch-up, and then people wouldn’t see my content. Social media was taking up time at my job. I was regularly comparing my highlight reel to others. I found ways to schedule content, take breaks, and not always be on Facebook or Instagram.

Therapy is Necessary

I mean it’s not for everybody. However, I will continue to say this until it is normalized in the black community, and not just a notion of the current mental health trend. Therapy can help with so much, like basic situations that you may not have noticed was a hindrance. I encourage everyone to consider it.

Say No

Yesterday I had three people hit me up to meet after work. Now I already planned to go to Starbucks as soon as I got off. I already planned what assignments to complete and everything. I instantly felt guilt like I needed to meet with all of them. Then I remembered how I felt the week before when I had a meeting with someone everyday after work and no time to myself. Burnt out and frustrated that I didn’t get to complete what was most important to me.

Saying no is necessary. Realizing that you don’t owe anyone a chat over coffee is a must. There is nothing wrong with putting things in order of importance.

Take a breather

Have you put systems in place that your vision, business, or whatever can run without you? If not do that first. Schedule your post. Make an out of office email and voicemail and take a mental break. Don’t think about solving problems just take a breath.

Take Care of Your Body

Will Smith has been dropping gems on social media, and he said something to me that stood out, "success is a healthy man’s race." Taking care of your body requires discipline that can be applied to other areas in your life. It gives you energy, puts you in a positive mood, and I’m sure that can help your decision making.

I may not always have time to exercise, but I notice that when I eat differently or exercise I feel better, and I have more energy which allows me to have more time to get things done.

Buy Time

I noticed half the time I was stressed because I had so much to do but felt like I did not have enough time to do it. I didn’t have time to work 40 hours, work on my dream, make sure my house was clean, and sometimes I would be so busy I wouldn’t take the time to eat. I just needed more time to clean, cook, and send emails. Paying someone to do the things that take up time that could be spent building your own business or simply resting def helps.

treat yo self

You’ve been neglecting your friends, go out! You’ve been spending all your money on the business, buy yourself some new shoes. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make yourself smile. You deserve it.

Quit Yo Job

I haven’t done this yet, so I know this is easier said than done. However, at some point, there will come a time when you finally jump. It’s gonna be crazy, and testy, but both things will not be able to coexist in the same space anymore.