#20SDS: Unhealthy Living

#20SDS: Unhealthy Living

The next local streetwear brand to be a part of this year's fashion display at 20SDS is Unhealthy Living. Before his photoshoot, with Bosh, we were able to talk about what inspires Chris' designs, creating a brand in an area that doesn't fully understand streetwear and his future plans for Unhealthy Living. 

Unhealthy Living, right?

CG: Yea Unhealthy Living

Where'd you get that from?

UL 3.png

CG: Uhh I don't know. I always thought living in itself was always unhealthy. Whatever you do in life if you don't do it in moderation it can have some sort of unhealthy downside to it. I try to design stuff that I liked when I was coming up as a youth, like nostalgic stuff, that other people can relate to. Ya know? Like old video games and anime stuff.

So you're really into anime?

CG: Uh, Yea! 

Does it transfer over into your work?

CG: I try to incorporate it but I try not to flood it. That's not what I want to immediately pop out because I'm into a lot of different things. 

What else would you say inspires it?

CG: Definitely punk culture. I really like Nirvana. References from music I try to incorporate it on a t-shirt. Little stuff like that. 

Did you go to school for this?

CG: Yes, Rashaun (the creator of Travail that you can read about here) and I actually went to school together at Tech for graphic design.

Really? Do you want to more so pursue fashion or streetwear, or do you want to do more things related to graphics?

CG: I would like to continue to do things in graphics but I'm more so into fashion. That was the only reason I learned how to do graphic design was so I could make clothes so... I don't mind doing logos and freelance work for people, but I would much rather have my hands in something like clothes. 

Do you want to try to expand the brand here or do you see it going and growing somewhere else? 

CG: Uh yeah, I am definitely trying to grow somewhere else. The majority of my following base is already is out west.

So they're not even here?

CG: I mean a big percentage is here but the majority is from the west coast. 

That's what's up!

CG: It's just that skate culture is over there, which is also another big influence I didn't mention, it's way heavier. The whole streetwear scene over there is bigger. 

They really don't understand streetwear here.

CG: Exactly! It's kind of like a lost art here. 

crishon 3.png

At least we are trying, like trying with this event to help people understand something that we don't normally see here. Do you think that effects your inspiration? Just being in this small town?

CG: It can. It can hinder it for sure. Every weekend sitting around like "Damn it ain't shit to do. Nowhere to go" I don't wanna have that attitude about it cause you can make fun out of anything but not being able to go and see new things like you can in a big city is what makes it different or hard.

So what's in the future? Do you see yourself making more structured pieces or do you want to keep it streetwear?

CG: Definitely, want to get into accessories and maybe shorts. I'll eventually do some type of pants but right now I'm really into graphic design.

Chris, the 20 something owner from Unhealthy Living, will be showing off his clothing line Saturday night at the Embassy Suites 7pm - 10pm in downtown Winston Salem. You can click here to get your ticket and use discount code UNHEALTHY to get a percentage off. 


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