#20SDS: Travail

This year at the 4th annual 20 Something Doin’ Something we are adding a fashion display that features 3 streetwear brands based out of right here in Winston Salem. I was able to sit down with the first brand's owner, Rashaun Edwards, to talk a little about Travail and how it came about. 

So you said Travail means...?

RE: Yea. Travail means painful labor, basically, to work your ass off. That’s all it means. When I started the print shop, I knew that I would be printing for random businesses, but I knew I wanted to start a brand on the side

So you have a screen printing company too?

RE: Yea that’s my main thing... Travail is how I express myself. I tried to start a brand in college, but at that point in your life, nothing is stable really. That kind of fell through, but once I got the print shop up and running I knew that I was going to start a brand over again. So I was kind of mulling over names, I came across that word, and was like “What does that mean?” I looked up the definition and I was like “that's the one.” I loved the definition and it explained a lot of what I’ve been through.

That's dope and real

RE: Some people pronounce it Travel. I don’t know where it comes from when they say that.


They’re being lazy, so I see you make all the shirts. Do you make the hats or do you outsource?

RE: No. Naw, I don’t outsource anything. Obviously, I get the blanks but I embroider, screen print, and do the labels by myself. I mean as I get bigger obviously I’ll need more help so outsourcing might be a thing, but I wanna try to stay as far away from it as possible because it makes it more intimate for me, but also costs are down. 

That makes sense, so are you looking to do things other than shirts and hats, I know you had the jacket. 

RE: Yea! Yea! So I really want to get into doing some pants. I’ve been trying to design shoes but it’s been so hard. I don't know why. I wanna get into a lot of things it’s just all about finding the right manufacturer, and you don’t want to put too much money out and then people not buy anything. You gotta kind of gain the respect

Trust me I get it. 

RE: Yea before I start making shoes or really intense winter jackets I want the respect first because I know I may be able to sell them.

I get it. When I first saw that jacket I loved it and the people loved it. I think it was a city thing like the locals loved it. 

RE: Yea that’s why I did it. Just kinda playing around and it looked pretty cool. 

So what does this symbol mean? *I point to the symbol on the hat next to Rashaun*

travail logo.PNG

RE: This? Well, this is my logo. Basically, this point right here is everything you’ve ever been through… get over it.

*looks in amazement*
Where’d you get that from?

RE: Before I started the shop I was working somewhere I hated and was drawing at my desk and drew that. 

That’s dope now that you’ve explained that. 

RE: Yea a lot of the designs I create have a lot of sentimental value behind it. 

After the photographer walks through the door greeting us, Rashaun pulls out a shirt and a bright yellow Travail hat. The photographer mentions how much he loves it.

RE: Yea it’s one of our most popular pieces

… and I could understand why. The conversation began to get lost in the photo shoot as Rashaun posed in his Travail. It was obvious a lot of thought went into producing Travail even down to the fit of his new basic tee that he debuted with us, it’s not even on the site yet. Travail will be apart of the fashion display at 20SDS this year. 

Be sure to follow Travail on Instagram here and check out their website for new updates. 

Get your tickets at 20SDS.Snootyjudy.com and use discount code TRAVAIL for a percentage off. 

hat 2.png