For Us By Us

For Us By Us

Okay so I pride myself on being neutral. I’m not super woke but I’m not sleep either. I’m deeply saddened and outraged when our people are stereotyped etc, but.... (and yes, there is a BUT) how exactly do we expect for anyone to take us seriously and respect us WHEN WE DON’T?

Now I’m all for entertainment and I can admit that I indulge in those super hood fight videos that are on World Star Hip Hop etc, but these days it's like mimicking black people and our struggle is at an all-time high. Social media feeds me an unhealthy dose of what is intended to be comedic videos of our people going into stores making outrageous videos, men and women dressed in housecoats and slippers going into public places acting crazy, and even those real videos of our people high or drunk.

— a concerned individual

Now in no way shape or form am I saying some of this isn’t funny and yes, we all have an Auntie or Uncle on the family tree who is the spitting image of these videos but come on. Sometimes I cringe watching these because of what we’re willing to do for fame and likes!!

How can we be mad at these white Instagram celebrities that are now famous for portraying “ratchet” behaviors when I don’t even identify with the character traits they are mocking first off. And secondly, we put out just as many videos that are demeaning to our people. There are endless videos of us beating someone’s ass in the streets, twerking ANY and EVERYWHERE and the list goes on and on and on. We want everyone to truly see US and value our lives and be taken seriously BUT HOW! Yes, we should be able to laugh at ourselves but where exactly do we draw the line?

Hold Up I know we don’t like being called out on these things, because it's only done in poor taste if it’s not done by us, RIGHT?