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Black Women Do Like Weird Guys... Maybe It's You My Guy

whitney daniel
Black Women Do Like Weird Guys... Maybe It's You My Guy
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Y’all gotta find a way. Smh. This Childish Gambino/Donald Glover video dropped and y’all have dug deep enough to find a way to ruin the whole mood and what did the internet find this time, his Caucasian counterpart. Now I thought this was going to be a full out war on how he made a video about the black experience in America while dating a white woman but instead we are getting the hurt memes from “weird” niggas scorned since high school because they feel black women don’t date weird black guys. We do my guy it just wasn’t YOU.

The argument that I keep seeing around the internet is Childish Gambino doesn’t date black women because

1. Black girls don’t like weird guys and

2. Black girls in the quirky weird, artsy, community aren't attractive.

I guess the niggas who are making this argument don’t see the problem in this second statement and how it adds to why they can’t get a black woman, but I digress.

Yall so damn annoying.

“All of this reminds me of when Lena Dunham wrote a whole think piece on Odell ignoring her and calling her ugly when he literally said nothing to her and was minding his business.”
— internet warrior Ericka Chambers

I recently went to Comicon with my black homeboy who is an amazing Cosplayer! He actually won first place that day, and out of a sea of white people, there were a few of black cosplayers there. I sat beside one mother with her son who were dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn. Her son had the biggest smile on his face and the mom laughed back as her face paint cracked. It was the sweetest thing to see because you could completely tell she was out of her element but she found this for him for his birthday, surprised him, and they both just shared that love.

Now I understand that the mother’s love for her son is different from the type of love we are talking about here, but it does speak to the love that all black women have. When black women love they love hard and they adapt to every piece of you including your quirky weird ways. I have found myself listening to a few mixtapes here and there that were not in my forte cause of love, so I don’t wanna hear that. People turn into the person they are dating just because of love. That girl just didn’t want you… take it and move on.

Maybe it’s not that you are weird…Maybe you’re annoying, maybe you are a liar, or maybe the girls you found attractive just didn’t like YOU… but here is a news flash...WE DON’T HAVE TO. Don’t blame black women cause you didn’t get the girl you wanted in high school, it’s deeper than you’re weird. THIS IS WHAT I KNOW. Stop bringing up how you were teased for reading comic books and watching anime, we’re 30 now. That is not a valid excuse as to why that girl didn’t want to date you. Don’t put your insecurities on us.