Two Types of Black People... Which Causes A Bigger Problem


Now that I am a lot older, there are a lot of things that I realize about my people. I love my people. I love that we are all different with different experiences that in return shape and form who we all are. However, what makes me extremely sad is the fact there are two types of black people and they both think they are better than the other. Which ultimately causes a bigger issue for us.

We can admit that some black people grew up with different lifestyles, traveling different paths. Some black people grew up in the projects and they are used to a specific culture. Then there are a black people whose parents may have afforded them a different lifestyle and they go on to grad school and all that “Bad-n-Boujee” jazz.

Then there is those who are in between. Those who understand both spectrums, like myself. My father was a business owner, he was a mortgage broker and he flipped homes, primarily in black neighborhoods. Both he and my mother were from the country and understood the importance of education and hard work. They made sure my siblings and I were cultured, we traveled, visited museums, played instruments and they never purchased name brand clothes for us but made sure we were able to experience life.

We were spoiled rotten living on the West side of town and while my father made decent money flipping homes on a side of town that even some of my own people are afraid to visit (which is mind-blowing to me). Both my parents made it very clear that no matter what side of town you live on, you will always, to them, be just another nigga.

So when Kanye said, “Even if you in a Benz you still a nigga in a coup”... I FELT THAT.

However, a lot of black people in a Benz, who are on their suit and tie shit, forget that. I mean they remember racism exist in their board meetings when Brad's boss is singing his praises for a sub-par presentation, while the person of color goes unnoticed, but some kind of way they forget that racism exists when they travel to the side of town where most people of color reside.

I was recently apart of a conversation where we discussed the needs and importance of black businesses. Someone shared their experience about how when she was a mother on welfare she owned a candy house and another's response was that is not a business.

The way my blood boiled after that.

All the “Miss Hatties” of America selling candy, pickled pig feet, and cigars out of their living rooms on 25th, should definitely turn their stores to LLCs, they should def buy buildings, they should def take all the steps to make their business a legit thriving one.

Black businesses NEED help and we are not where we need to be; but I pray that I never become that type of boujee "business-minded" black person that my necktie is too tight and makes me forget the systematic oppression placed on black people to the point of discrediting someone's hustle if it is not to the same standards as theirs.

Now that I'm done talking about the black people that wish to be in the Boule; we can’t argue the fact that some black businesses need some work. Bottom line everybody is tired and trying, but for us to get anywhere we have to want to work together, learn, and want better but how can they get the help and knowledge they need if:

1. White people see them as charity cases and don't really like them.

2. The other type of black people see them as charity cases and don't really want to be around them.

In the end, if we have the same attitude as the people who didn't care for us in the beginning ... who REALLY wins?