Kali Uchis Comes to North Carolina

Kali Uchis Comes to North Carolina

Kali Uchis, often reminding me of one of my favorite female artist, Amy Winehouse, came to Cat's Cradle in North Carolina Monday, October 17.  Her sultry performance paired with the intimate yet quirky venue created the perfect ambiance and made for an amazing show.

Phony Ppl, a band out of Brooklyn, opened the show and accompanied her through her set. I actually had never heard of them before however their set was amazing. They sang songs from their 2015 project Yesterday’s People like “Helga”and “Why iii Love the Moon.” When introducing the band, the crowd completely lost their shit when the guitarist introduced himself by playing the 2004 Outkast hit “So Fresh and So Clean” and by the crowd losing their shit, I really just mean me. After the show I immediately went to find them on iTunes. I will say they are better live.

The Colombian artist who hails from Virginia opened the show singing “Sycamore Tree”,  the first track off of her debut EP, Por Vida. She danced across the entire stage all night and interacted with the crowd catching roses thrown by fans throughout her set. As she asked everyone not to fight as she handed out her used towels, her voice really is as gentle as it is on her soulful Latin tracks,


The tiny artist performed all of the fan favorites from Por Vida such as “Loner”, “Ridin Round” and “Rush”. She even surprised us performing her song with Tyler the Creator “See You Again” and a cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” She asked the crowd if anyone spoke spanish as she began to sing her new single “Nuestro Planeta” and even if you did not fully understand you couldn’t help but go along with the vibe and enjoy yourself.

If you missed this show it’s okay Kali Uchis is going on tour with Lana Del Rey and Jhene Aiko starting in January and I am sure they will be in a city near you. If you haven’t heard of her it also gives you time to get familiar with this rising artist.