Different Types of Guys All Women Will Date in Their Lifetime

Different Types of Guys All Women Will Date in Their Lifetime

Every girl will come across certain types of guys in their lifetime. More than one of these types may even be wrapped up in one guy. Some of these types are even likely to share characteristics, like cheating. With your hilarious Facebook comments, I created a list of some of the common guys all girls will date at least once in their lifetime.  


They usually drive Camaros, Challengers, or Chargers. These guys have been planning their life since they were 5. They knew what college they were going to and what they wanted to study. They save and budget and if you’re into materialistic things, this is the perfect guy for you. However this guy is also gonna remind you that he has money and that he spends it on you. Some guys don’t mind spending change on their girl without holding it over their head, if you get this type hold on tight to him. The rest of the guys with a lil money are like ball players; they gone do what they want, like cheat.

"The "Marcus type" from boomerang... The successful smart charismatic guy who is the complete package but he a dog. Super smooth playa with the juice. Executive type."



The ones that make plans but doesn’t have the funds or a car to fulfill them. The ones who say "I'm doing bad right now" or "I don't get paid this week" when you ask for a little help.  Ain't nothing wrong with dating a broke guy, as long as he is working on and towards something greater, right? However, all broke guys aren't working towards something. Then you end up in a situation where you are taking care of a grown man.

" The guy who's always making plans but YOU have to go pick him up... Dont put in on NO gas and got the nerve to put his seat back and change MY radio station .... Hanging out the passengers side of his best friend ride"



These are the absolute worst. You’re dating him and his mama. I found myself doing things for his mother that I don't even do for my OWN mother. Things got real weird real fast. Some mother’s treat their sons like the husband they never had… and it is the strangest thing ever! Watch out for that. My experience was exactly like Melissa's and THEN SOME, she did everything for him and he wasn't able to have a life cause he did everything for her as well. It’s not fun sharing your man with another woman and it definitely ain't fun sharing him with his mother.

"She literally did EVERYTHING for him. Gave excuses for everything, didn't make him be responsible for anything. She always came to his aid"



"The mid selling trap star with a cracked iPhone 5"

- Jon

There are different types of hood guys within hood guys. The drug dealer or wanna be drug dealer. You know the ones that are actually making a little money from pushing weight... And then there are the ones that can’t spell too well, don’t have a car, TRY to push weight, but end up smoking their own supply. Either way, you’re guaranteed good d**k, but in return, if you stay with him long enough you will either:

  1. Take a charge for him
  2. Visit him in jail… orange romper boo


Yesssss the nice guy. The guy you can easily run over. The guy who has worshiped the ground you walk on for years but you never even paid him any attention. The one who will do whatever you ask with no questions asked. They are cool, but you run over them so easily they sometimes become boring.  You have to be careful because if you hurt the nice guy he may turn into the next type of guy which is.... 


"...rides your coat tail so much you can't ride his d**k"


The one that has been hurt too many times, so in return he is scared to trust. They don’t like you going out without them. The one that reads all your comments on social media then asks “Who is this guy leavin’ heart eyes under your picture?” Sometimes the insecure guy worries that you are changing for the better and going to leave them behind. They are just like the jealous girlfriend, scared somebody is going to take you away from them.


You know how you meet a guy and later on you meet his friends and then you realize, "I got the wrong homeboy." I'm sure every girl has found herself in this situation. If your fast tail would have just waited a little longer you might have ended up with the homeboy you REALLY wanted. Now you're stuck in a weird situation wondering if he is gonna be upset if you talk to his friend or if he gonna try to convince his friend you a hoe.

"The one that got away is essentially the other homeboy, when you dealt with the wrong homeboy"

- Jasmine


In the words of my friend @Nicolahirolla...“SECURE THE DAD.” Just like there is more than one type of hood guy there is more than one type of dad you could end up with. You have the dad that doesn’t take care of his kids, but I don’t know why any woman would want to secure that. I mean, if you’re dating a guy and he doesn’t take care of the kid, or kids he already has, why would you want that type of dad sis? Now the dad’s that take care of their kids make most females weak in the knees! If there is an issue, it isn’t the fact that he is a father and takes care of his kids, it’s the baby mama! Some baby mama’s are cool though… SHOUTS TO THOSE FEW!


" Pumpfake - to throw for a loop, to deceive or fool."

- UrbanDictionary.com

The guy who makes himself out to be a great guy when he is really some Mid. He talks about all the things he can do for you and how he is the perfect boyfriend when in reality he is raggedy. You know how guys act during the honey moon stage… they pump faking! BEWARE when you get to the real him a few months in.


Fill in the blank with your experience. The aspiring drug dealer, ball player, or the most popular. the aspiring rapper. Ain't nothing wrong with dating a guy with a dream! Just make sure he isn’t spending rent money on studio time. I like guys with dreams, you can help fulfill them. I’m the girlfriend that would be right beside him shooting in the gym; but when he get on, leaving me for a white girl is not even an option.


The ones that are happy where they are. The one that doesn’t care if he advances in his career because he makes enough to pay his bills. The one with no goals and dreams. He just wants to work and maybe have some kids, maybe travel, but anything outside of his normal routine, he is not gonna do because he is content. They are sooo boring and worst than the nice guy!

The Unicorn is THE ONE. Ion know what this guy even looks like or if he even exist so we are gonna refer to him as the unicorn for now.  I heard, when you meet him you will know. I heard love, the relationship, everything with “the one” comes easy. I hope all girls find their unicorn without having to deal with the rest of the guys on this list.