5 Quickest Ways to Get Side-eyed on Facebook

5 Quickest Ways to Get Side-eyed on Facebook

I am active on Facebook right now, I am not responding to text messages or DM's currently... LET ME IGNORE YOU IN PEACE. I am sure social media has become the number one form of entertainment. It's also the quickest way to get on my nerves.  I find myself doing this often when scrolling my timeline, but read the 5 quickest ways to catch a side eye on Facebook.

I don’t know if I am more annoyed by the fake articles or the people who read and share them. Some articles sound too ridiculous to be true so when I see them, I instantly think who was the dumb ass that shared this lie. I have reposted my share of fake Facebook articles but I felt so stupid afterwards that I started researching every article before reposting it. It takes 5 seconds to research if something is true. Don’t get caught out here looking stupid because you were too lazy to do your research.


When your social media personality doesn’t line up with your real personality. People automatically equate keyboard courage with someone being bold or arguing over social media but nah it's more to it than just that. If you do or say anything over the internet that you wouldn’t do or say in real life…. that my friend is keyboard courage. Sometimes people are really funny on the internet; some people only say certain things on statuses if they have someone to back them up; some people just talk too fucking much on the internet and they are not like that in real life. Sitting behind a keyboard allows you to delete and then retype, it gives you time to come up with a witty come back, it even gives you time to ask others to help you come up with a witty comeback but people really aren’t really witty or bold in person. Biggest form of false advertising on the internet. SIT DOWN.


You just gone repost that status like we didn’t see ya mans say it earlier? You’re really gonna take that quote off that meme and pretend you said it? I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I hate the photo that goes along with the quote so I will repost just the words; but at least I quote it. Now that the share button has disappeared, people are going crazy taking credit for other’s statuses.


This makes me wonder if people pray in real life. Like, did you actually talk to God or did you just update your status and felt like God saw it? We need the Lord to come validate how legit these internet sermons and prayers are. What makes the entire situation weirder is the people who actually look to Facebook for a prayer. How do you become an internet ordained minister? I don’t get it.


Out of the 5 things I just named, this one bothers me the most. For some odd reason, social media has caused people to think that their opinion really matters. I mean if someone asks for it, then it matters, but if they didn’t, there is a 95% chance nobody wants to hear it or cares. There is nothing wrong with having and giving your opinion. The problem lies when people forget that opinions are NOT FACTS! I’m sorry bruh but because you don't like Drake doesn’t mean what you’re saying holds any weight when I create future playlist. If people aren’t asking, save your unwarranted advice.

I know others share these sentiments or else I still wouldn't receive daily screen shots of crazy statuses. I can't wait for the day Facebook starts notifying us who screenshot our page. Hopefully others will begin to act right out of fear of being captured.