Snooty Playlist - Please Sample This

I am a sucker for samples and some songs win you over instantly just because of the sample used. Whether the producer is sampling vocals to create a catchy hook or none at all either way I'm always happy to hear how they transformed it into a new song. I tried to make sure that these songs have never been sampled before but after looking some of them up at this became a hard task. Some of the songs that have been sampled I wasn't a fan of the outcome so they made it on the list again. I was not too fond of the tracks that used Jean Carne's - "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" so it is on this set along with a few others. Even though Melanie Fiona used The Softone's -  "Hey There Lonely Girl" in her 2009 single "And It Kills Me" I wanted to see something more upbeat done with the Softone's track. Some songs are on the list for my own personal enjoyment such as the Kelis tracks. Some of these songs could be used for the melody and some for the vocals but I listen to all types of music so I will leave it up to your imagination on how you feel they should be used. Enjoy!


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