Launch - Live - Link Up


So now that I have gotten that spill off of my chest and explained that things will be different, what do I have planned for the future? I am sure you have seen the words "Launch, Live, and Link Up" floating around my page. Well here is exactly what they mean.

3|10 Launch

After taking a much needed break the launch is what brought us here today. It’s the beginning of some new changes. It’s where I celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Snooty Thanks for celebrating and relaunching my blog with me! Thanks for always supporting me when sometimes I don’t even believe in myself. This relaunch wouldn’t even be possible without all the people that encourage me.

3|19 Live

I am taking Snooty TV to another level. LIVE! I have been collaborating with Chris Robinson to bring to you a new segment of Snooty TV. Where a group of us get together to discuss hot topics with others. On March 19th we tape the first live recording with some familiar and brand new Snooty TV faces from all over North Carolina. Make sure to stay tuned for more details.

4|8 - Link Up

Now this one I am the most excited about. The Link Up - 336 & Grits is a brunch and new event that I am bringing to the Winston Salem area Saturday, April 8th. I created it for several reasons, that I will get to in a later blog post, but the most important reason is to foster relationships and create dialogue between millennials in the area. Basically we gone get snooty during the day with cocktails. I have so many neat surprises and people working with me to make this an awesome event but again you must stay tuned for more information in regards to that. I promise it’s going to be so worth it!





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