fashionwhitney daniel

First Things First...

fashionwhitney daniel
First Things First...


I’m baaack! Right before taking a break I had a serious wake up call as to why I struggle with consistency when it comes to blogging. I had to self-reflect and here is what I came up with...

I hate blogging.


I’m sure you’re thinking … “nah uh! How can you hate blogging?” Well I do, nothing against the amazing influencers I look up to but outfit post once a week became draining for me. Why? Because it’s not ME. There is like this blogger recipe you must follow and the ingredients were making me sick.

It started to not be fun anymore. I hated getting dressed up just to take pictures, when I really wasn't going anywhere. Constantly judging yourself based off looks is also kind of depressing. In addition to that, with all the things happening in the world I HATED making pointless post about my new shoes.. So this go round I am taking a different approach. I’m doing what I want.

So there will probably never be another outfit post… (I'm exaggerating). But seriously, not unless there is a new brand I feel the people need to know about, I will no longer be telling you where I got my clothes and how to wear them… INDIVIDUALITY IS A BEAUTIFUL THING and I'm here to encourage and help people and businesses find their IT thing.

I created Snooty Judy as a way to do the things I want to make a career out of and outfit post aint it! Ultimately, I want a boutique creative agency.

What is that?... I got you

It’s a company that does creative work such as writing, designing, and production. It is often a sub-department of the Marketing organization. Too broad… remember when Kanye West showed his music videos on the side of buildings all over the word… that is the work of a boutique creative agency. I want to help others market themselves in a unique way.

I want to bring a new culture to the city.

A culture of support.

A culture that blends trill with art.

A culture that allows the people of Winston Salem to look forward to being something greater than whatever your 9-5 is, especially if it’s not your passion.

So with all that being said what are my plans for the city? I have some new things on the way but just know things are gonna be a lot different around here. I’m so excited for the collaborations I have coming up! So make sure you like the Facebook page and follow me on Instagram, so you don’t miss out!