What is The Link Up - 336 & Grits?


My mind is always racing with ideas and events I want to make happen. I have been hesitant about some of the things I want to do, but 2017 I am going to act on them and the first one is coming up April 8th. Instead of bringing you 20 Something Doin’ Something this spring, I want to introduce to you my first brunch, The Link Up - 336 & Grits. It’s not your normal brunch of course there will be good eats and mimosas but it is a social interactive gathering meant. What do I mean by that? Read on I got you… [wpvideo 9VW3tonC]

You will be interacting not only with event attendees of course, but to take this event a step further every vendor will be interacting with you in some way other than just trying to sell their products. Remember when I got the chance to get up with TLR and learn how the screen printing process worked? Well a branch of their company, The Shop, will be teaching and allowing everyone to make their own t-shirt. Local food truck, Juicy Bird,  will be serving a 5 course tapas meal, ranging from French toast to Chicken and Waffles, and a complimentary Mimosa and of course you have the bar so you don’t have to stop with one mimosa.

With 20 Something Doing Something we were able to create this atmosphere of support, with The Link Up - 336 & Grits I want us to do that also, just in a different environment. Link up. Mix. Mingle. Meet some of the people you have been seeing on Snooty TV. Some people have ideas they want to bring into fruition but do not know where to start or who to talk to. I want you to be able to find them at the Link Up and do that. Connect and make waves. 20 Something Doing Something isn’t going anywhere but I wanted to kick off the year with something new and an event that doesn't leave out those that are 30+ (considering I have 2 years until I am 30 myself ….eeeek!) Now this isn’t all that will be going down during the brunch; I have a lot more surprises in store. Such as a surprise performance and a few other tricks up my sleeve that I am not quite ready to reveal, but trust me, this event is going to be like no other. I hope to see you there. You can purchase tickets here.


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