10 Ways You Can Support Small Businesses During the Holidays

10 Ways You Can Support Small Businesses During the Holidays

Supporting black owned businesses and practicing group economics has been the talk here lately. Remember when you support small businesses you are helping someone pay their bills or investing in their livelihood. With the holidays around the corner here some gift and holiday party ideas that you can use to support small businesses.

1. Get Sweets from a Local Baker for the Holiday Office Parties

I am sure whatever area you are in there are several local bakers that have a bajillion sweets for you to choose from. Savory Sweets by Shonise out of Winston Salem has amazing cupcakes that would be perfect for the holiday pot luck.

2. Get a Special Girl in Your Life Handmade Jewelry

I am obsessed with Janel Brown's, Earbobz, and she is running amazing black Friday deals, so now is a great time to get your sister or girlfriend something nice. I also have been eyeing the dramatic and african inspired cuffs and necklaces at Lunaversoul.com, make sure to check them out, as well as Ligra Nigra. They both are a bit on the pricey end but I am sure there isn't a price to high  for that special girl.

3. Get Your African Garb  From a Local African Shop

There are several African stores here in Winston Salem like Body and Soul on Trade street, and a few stores down from there is Sister 2 Sister International. The money earned from selling goods at this store supports a non-profit that helps women and children in Africa. They are full with gift ideas such as African Art, jewelery, candles, clothes, and even books. If you google African shops in your area I'm sure you have a few hidden gems in your city.

4. Share Your Favorite Book from a Black Author

I have been meaning to get I am Judging You by Luvvie Ajayi, so if anyone wants to get me that for Christmas, I love you. There are lots of books written by black authors to choose from. There are even quite a few here in Winston like India Reeves and you can purchase her I am T.O.U.G.H. Devotional here.

5. Get a Black Owned Restaurant to Cater Your Christmas Party Dinners

Having friends over? Let someone else handle the food like Juicy Bird. They cater all sorts of events with their Food truck, even in the winter. There are soul food and even Jamaican options like Eerie Rhythms or Uncle Desi's. Cut out some of the party planning worries by only handling decorations and let someone else handle the food.

6. Get Your Friends a Graphic Tee From a Black Clothing Brand

Instead of purchasing Nike try a local brand like BYDY or TLR. They both have dropped some dope shirts lately. Again if anybody is wondering gift ideas for me, I want BYDY's KH tee with the Keith Haring men on it, please and thanks. Not into tees? Well, Fashion Bomb Daily has an amazing article with black owned fashion brands including everything from cute skullies, dresses, to even bowties. You can check that out here.

7. Help Someone Accomplish New Years Resolutions & Get In Shape After The Holidays, Buy Them a Personal Trainer

There has been a surge in black personal trainers in the Winston area! Which is what the black community needs considering Diabetes is 60% more common in African Americans. CWB Fitness always has amazing classes going on. Brian Convington is offering half off his personal training prices RIGHT NOW until black Friday. Don't stop there get them some dope work out gear from Venus Williams clothing line Eleven, make sure they can measure their water in take with the Infusion Water Bottle from Femme Fitale Fit Club, and then get supplements and meal replacements from Naturade. Make sure the are fully equipped to successfully complete those New Years Resolutions.

8. Use Black Makeup Brands for Cute Stocking Stuffers

Reve is running several deals during the holidays. They will be doing 3 Reve sticks for $25 and her christmas set includes 3 Reve sticks and get a Glitra lipstick for free. Just one Reve lipstick is $10 so these make for great stocking stuffers or secret santa gifts. For the makeup junkies who want foundation and things of that sort check out Fashion Fair and Black Opal. I have heard great things about their foundations and concealers. If you are anything like me and fickle about makeup choices, I got you covered with more black owned make up options here.

9. Skip Bath & Body Works & Get Your Scrubs from a Black Owned Brand

Bath & Body works is always the go to store when buying girls a gift, skip that this year. Black people love the butters and Belle Butters has a butter for EVERYTHING! Oily skin, natural hair, fragrance, face, lips.... YOU NAME IT (in my Shirley Caesar voice). LumeriaBody Care has artisan soaps and natural deodorants (cause Tom's Deodorant is not that good). Then for skin and hair care products follow the link to Earth's Nectar, they are giving away samples when you make a purchase of $50 or more! Fellas, I didn't leave you out! Want quality shaving and grooming products check out Solo Noir for Men. Get your spiced aftershave from Natty Naturals.If you are in the latter (my type of boy), the beard gang, check out Bold Beardsmen, they have beard balms and oils just for you. (Ladies you should just admire the handsome men on the site)

10. Get Cute Clothes or a Book for the Kiddies

Stock up on hair bows with Se'Quoia Joins she has been taking over my Facebook timeline with the cutest girl accessories.  She is also running a deal for black Friday 20 bows for just $20! Yini Bini Baby has the cutest baby clothes. They have a pair of haram pants I would love to get for my nephew.For the girly girls, like my niece, there are several companies you could stock up on nail polish like La Pierre Cosmetics or Mischo Beauty. Black authors and black children's book have also increased, so show them support as well. There are tons out there but I ran across the cutest called Penny and the Magic Puffballs. 

I hope this list helps you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Again don't leave small and black owned businesses out when planning your holiday festivities and looking for gift ideas this year. Now there is absolutely no excuse!