The Most Important Steps I Kept Trying to Skip While Pursuing My Dreams

The Most Important Steps I Kept Trying to Skip While Pursuing My Dreams



I get a lot of messages of people asking me how? How do I throw events? How do I build a website? I love helping people but I’ve noticed that there are a few steps people like to skip including MYSELF. There is nothing more irritating than asking someone how to do something or where they got something from and in return they refuse to answer. As if they are afraid you are going to steal their ideas or wear that piece of clothing better. However, on the flip side it is irritating when you have been working hard to learn a skill and someone wants you to cut out the learning process and just tell them how you did it. I’ve noticed even with myself there are steps I want to get around and skip but without these steps things turn out to be either a complete failure or I end up quitting! When getting ready to focus on something an event, a blog post, job interviews. I have to make sure I have a clear understanding of what I am about to get myself into. There are a few things I am never prepared for and I have to get a clear understanding of what is about to go down. Building any kind of dream takes a special kind of person and you have to be mentally strong to get through or you will become overwhelmed with the not so pretty side of it all and give up.


I think research is the step people like to skip the most. In everything I do research is about 70% of the process. When it came time to start my blog I didn’t have anyone telling me how to create a webpage. I had a camera but no one to tell me how to properly use it. I taught myself everything! Not only are you going to research how to do it, but research competition, research your market, find people you admire and research their business model. If you aren’t constantly learning and researching how will you progress. It is forever necessary!


I was at a point where I was very unhappy with life and I felt stagnant. My friend and mentor told me to write down exactly everything I want out of life, nothing too little and nothing too small. Everything you want make it a goal and within those goals set smaller goals with dates to help you reach the bigger purpose. I want to go to Thailand. In order for me to go to, I need to get a passport, then a plane ticket. These are examples of smaller goals to help me reach the overall objective, of getting to Thailand. Map out and tackle the small things that you need to accomplish to help you reach your goals. This way you won’t be overwhelmed with figuring out how to get there you’re only tackling small steps at a time.


You have to spend money to make money. If I can’t do something myself and get the quality to I want, it is time to pay for it. Sometimes you want to be cheap but being cheap can come back and bite you in the ass. I promise investing in yourself is the best thing you can do, I spend less and less money on clothes and more on camera equipment and things to update my blog. I recently purchased some photography equipment to take my blog to the next level and a week later someone paid me for a photo shoot covering the entire cost of the equipment. Step out on faith, invest in yourself , and I guarantee  it will pay off!!

I think because I didn’t set goals, prep, and invest in myself those are the main reason my first 2 blogs didn’t last. Some of these steps I skipped and that’s why some past events and blog post have not been successful these are key to make it. Who can argue with someone who has a clear vision and understanding of what they want and what they need to do! #staysnooty