Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset I was having trouble getting exactly what I wanted while editing photos. I showed it to my friend who said it looked fine and I was stressing. I immediately replied “That’s cool, but that’s not what I want,” He tilted his head as if he was expecting me to just say “you’re right!” and be okay with putting shoddy photos on my website, (now that I know the difference). “Well ok, STAY SNOOTY!” he snapped back. The “bitch” stigma that comes with being a female boss is very ALIVE! That’s why this year’s #20SDS is being dedicated to women! We are letting EVERYONE know that while building our dreams, we are both ladies AND bosses! If being a boss means I have to stay snooty, then I WILL!

#STAYSNOOTY is about being BOLD and FIERCE while building your dreams. Is it okay for a man to be bossy and demanding in his field but not a woman?

snoopty judy fashion

#STAYSNOOTY  is about being selective. Selective in who we work with. Selective in who we date and how we allow it to affect our spirits and our businesses. Selective in our friends and what we tolerate from them. Selective in choosing poorly edited photos. It’s being selective and sure in what you want! There is nothing wrong with getting rid of people or things that aren't meeting your standards.

#STAYSNOOTY is about worth! It's about knowing the value of both yourself and your brand! When you know the worth, you refuse to settle for less! You refuse to be less than your BEST SELF and you refuse to present less than your BEST WORK!

#STAYSNOOTY may come with a stigma of being arrogant and uppity, but at the end of the day, we have a right to say who and what we allow to ride with us on life's train! Being confident about yourself and your work requires you to guard yourself and your work! Never let anyone make you feel bad about that! STAY SNOOTY!