Snooty's 4 Favorite Lips

Snooty's 4 Favorite Lips

I am used to wearing a gloss, but since I got my own Reve Lip I have been interested in venturing out. I am new to this make-up game. It’s not 100% my thing, but after your mother has asked you a few times, “Where is your make up?” I’m beginning to realize it does help… ugh! I can’t offer too much make up advice, but I have gotten lots of questions about the different lip colors I’ve been wearing these past few weeks. (Lip color names are a direct link to purchase them!)



Reve Lipstick – "Nude"

This lip might be my favorite when it comes to feel! It was worn on the Real Life & a Relaunch post. It is smooth and my lips aren’t cracking by the end of the day.  It is also long lasting and worth way more than $10! This brand comes with a wide variety of colors I also have a pink that is to die for that I mix with others to create an ombre lip.




Luster Matte Longwear Lip Color – “Fig Luster”

I was at Sephora to make a return, the goal was to not purchase anything. Until the shade of this lip color caught my eye. I tried it on and immediately fell in love with how it felt and to top it off, it was only $16!!! That is a steal compared to the expensive NARS lip pencil I headed to the cash register with.

sephora fig luster matte

nars beyonce vamp train bleu sephora

Train Bleu used a liner for Reve Lips Nude

 NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – “Train Bleu”

I am obsessed with everything about this vampy color. It is also the lip I get the most questions about. It does cost a little more for $26 but I promise, it is long lasting, has a great feel and looks good with or without make up. I love to use it as a liner and mix it with a lighter pink or sometimes even brown in the middle. It’s a gorgeous color for every skin tone! Beyoncé is known to wear this one, so head to Sephora fast they are always out.



stila ricco sephora lipstick lippie

stila ricco red lipstick sephora


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – “Ricco”   

This is the lip I had on in last week’s, "Social Media Etiquette" and "Metallic in Twenty16," post that got a lot of questions! After reading one of my favorite blogger’s, Miss FabEllis, post “Three Reasons to say YES to red lipstick” I immediately went out and started looking. I got a cheap NYX one I wasn’t too crazy about the shade (it’s a great lipstick, however the shade was not for me.) I fell for Stila’s Ricco instead. The feel is not as good as the others in this post, but I have never been able to find a red I love and this one is it!


I hope this post was helpful and I hope you love these colors as much as I do!!!