Social Media Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette

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I love to see people being themselves. We are all grown here with the abilities to do and say whatever we want. Most of the people on the internet, I would like to think, have some sort of understanding of social media etiquette; however, this is not something taught in a class. I am guilty of doing some of these things myself, I can barely tell the difference between real and satire Facebook articles anymore. I’ve obnoxiously posted a few.  Since no one else will say it, I WILL!  So here we go...

IMG_1218 Relationships are like flowers, they go through many stages before they become beautiful blossoms, we don't need to know every stage. Love is sweet, but if every status update is about your "boo", you don't have a life. Post something else.


If you indirectly post about someone that you KNOW, you're a coward. It's simple, text them, not us.



Do not stalk your exes. It doesn’t do anything but make you relive the past. In fact, unfollow them. Instead follow the people who are successful in the field you are pursuing. Learn about them. See what they are doing so you can be better and watch your ex begin to stalk you.



If your food is on a paper plate, you have a struggle plate, but I love a good recipe with a lot of cheese.



Tired of seeing certain things on your timeline? Don’t tell us, just unfollow. I am guilty of this myself but I try to just keep my mouth shut.  I understand sometimes you want people to know how you feel.  It's just that a lot of times, people don’t care.



If you support Donald trump, keep it a secret. It's not safe on social media for you



Keep personal things personal!  Ladies, if you wouldn’t send the pic to your dad, chances are we shouldn’t see it either… likes aren’t THAT important!



I did this once... BIG MISTAKE!!!  You would think I would have known after what they did to Kid Rock's Instgram comments. Go check it out, to this day he is still getting bee emojis in his notifications.



“Internet beef” is for the young minded. Pick somewhere else to be mad. If you’re arguing with someone under a post, get each other’s number and text each other. Maybe meet up for lunch... since you enjoy talking to one another so much. Sometimes you have to realize the person you are arguing with may not be worth your time.



If you’re racist, don’t. You shouldn’t be allowed to use any social media. PERIOD, but you have that first amendment right going for you.  Now, if you see someone saying something out of pocket online don’t even bother arguing with them. This is something I had to learn. I would  get so worked up trying to teach another adult right from wrong. When the reality is, they are happy in their hateful mind. There is no point.



Don’t gloat but when people do you wrong, like Yonce say the “best revenge is your paper.” Let them see you’re doing just fine.


Social media is a great tool and can be used as more than a way to show off. I like to use it for inspiration except for when I see negativity on my timeline. Again we are all grown here with the abilities do whatever it is that we want, but there are some things that are just better left unsaid. Share your glow up, show us your boo just don’t over do it!

Special Thanks to Ojialah Rogers for helping with this post!