Real Life & a Relaunch

Real Life & a Relaunch
Over the last year, I've experienced real life like I never have before. It has been the realest it has ever been and ending 2015 I really had to sit back and ask myself what did I want out of blogging for 2016. Yes, I wrote a post about it at the end of the year but I had to be more specific than that. Travis Scott explains in his song Apple Pie that he is not a rapper he is just creating his own recipe to do the things that he wants. My blog is a chance for me to create bigger opportunities not only for myself to do the things that I want as well as others. I had to get more specific with what I want out of my blog and what I want to get across to people. So with that being said there are some new things to expect from Snooty Judy.

What to Expect. . .

Well in spirit of the relaunch I wanted to give the blog a new feel. I hope you enjoy it!

imageI also got a logo that I am in love with. My logo was made by a young artist I found on instagram by the name of Niti Mueth (@NitiMarcelle). I started following her about a year ago because I was obsessed with her illustrations and business cards. I loved her work so much, I wanted her to create my logo. I love it! I counldn’t stop staring at it!

Because over the last year, life was the realest it has ever been there will be new post and topics. Topics about REAL LIFE. Things that I had to conquer, such as anxiety, that almost made me want to quit blogging. Topics about mental health, finances, traveling, and relationships.

As well a new series, “life in the 20s” that features other local 20 somethings talking about their life experiences while being in their 20s. Everything from music, dating, politic, fashion and so on.

I feel with being a blogger, there is this personality you have to maintain, when I really just what to create dope things. I want to be myself.

So in this relaunch, expect more of ME, more REAL LIFE.

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