african infusion.


I am sure everyone is familiar with this new dashiki trend. -_- Spare me, it shouldn’t be a trend for us it is a part of our culture. There is nothing more annoying than someone like Marc Jacobs trying to take something that has been a part of our culture, like Bantu Knots, and send it down the runway with a new name, like Mini buns. It also blows, me that it takes FOREVER 21 to put a dashiki on shelves before people even consider wearing it but that's a blog post for another day. Maybe even tomorrow.wpid-2015-06-18-12.15.53-2.jpg.jpeg

If you follow me on Snapchat (snootyjudy), I am sure you saw my weekend was spent poolside with friends. A good friend of mine and a fellow creative, August, decided to come through and as soon as I saw him, I got excited. He was rocking a 20SDS shirt, but not only that but he was sporting an African Mud cloth vest.

Quick Fact: Bògòlanfini or bogolan (in the United States it is often called mud cloth) is handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud (TOLD YOU SHAY)!

I had on one of my favorite green dashikis and we had no clue we were even going to see each other, but it is obvious we both like to infuse our modern day Hip-hop culture and fashion sense with OUR African culture. His outfit meant so much to me on sooo many levels:

  1. He was fashionably rocking my shirt, without me asking! It was a nice surprise to see his fashion spin with the #20SDS shirt on! I love his style so as soon as I saw the outfit, I jumped out the pool and had to snap a few pics!
  2. If you know me I am obsessed with African jewelry and garb. I am constantly trying to find ways to tie African clothing into my everyday attire! I have African hats, shirts, and jewelry that I’ve never worn because I haven’t found the right way to fashionably put it into my outfit, and I loved the way August was able to mix it with his!


August Yearli, rocked his 20SDS and mud cloth vest with black acid wash jeans and the NIKE AIR TECH CHALLEGE 2 KUMQUATNike Air Tech Challenge 2 color way: Kumquat, which matched his vest to the tee! I am easily excited and one thing that excites me is a well-dressed person. Well-dressed to me, is successfully getting your fashion point across whether others like it or not, and August did just that! Outside of being a creative and a fashionably dresser he performed at my #20sds event. So check out his sound cloud and listen to one of my favorite songs, Potential HERE!


wpid-2015-06-18-04.36.36-2.jpg.jpeg         NIKE AIR TECH CHALLENGE 2 KUMQUAT AFRICAN DIASPORA MUD CLOTH