What is #20SDS & 10 reasons why you should be there!

What is #20SDS & 10  reasons why you should be there!

In case you are wondering what exactly this event is, or what exactly you can expect May 23rd? Here is a whole blog post about it. My very first blog post about 20 Something Doin’ Something: Truth Life Revolution explained why I decided to start talking about young business minded people. I admire their work ethic and creative abilities. Individuals who are my peers, from the same neighborhoods, or high schools whose tenacity and innovation inspire me and hopefully others my age to go for their own dreams. This event is a chance for you to meet these 20 Something’s that I have featured on my blog, that are currently striving for success focusing on their own dreams and goals. However, depending on whom you ask, this event May 23rd is so much more than a Meet & Greet:

1. It’s something to do

People (young and old) constantly talk about how there is nothing to do in Winston Salem, I agree there isn’t, but on May 23 there will be!

#20SDS 20 something doin something2. There will be A LOT of beautiful people in one space.

Beauty can be exhibited from within as well as from without.  (I am a creep so if you catch me staring I probably think something about you is pretty or handsome, I apologize in advance)

(you can't tell me @tiacorine isn't gorgeous and she is a sweet heart too)

3.  It’s a way to show support

Coke only sold 25 bottles its first year in business, would you be one of the ones who showed Coke support or ignored their vision? Whether you buy their product, volunteer services, or just tell someone you love what they are doing that is a way to show support!


4. Being a crabby patty is played out

It’s kind of whack to not wish the best for someone else. It’s not a competition; I hope we all make it, but If there was ever a time that black people needed to get rid of the crab in a barrel mentality, it’s now.


5. Uhhh two words . . .free. stuff.

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say much who doesn’t love free stuff. There will be door prizes and games where you can win prizes. Everybody will walk away with something even if it’s a full stomach!

wpid-screenshot_2015-05-07-10-57-51.png6. You will be able to purchase TLR’s new Biggie T-shirt.

They will be dropping a t-shirt May 21 first in honor of Biggie’s birthday and they will be selling it at the event. Bring cash to cop yours.


7. A chance to interact, mingle, network with new people.

It’s not what you know but who you know. Why not get to know more positive and creative young people over drinks and a good time? Business cards and all that are cool but having a conversation with someone counts as networking too. wpid-screenshot_2015-05-07-10-58-24.png

8. It’s downtown

Its late enough that you can go to Sweet Potatoes and get dinner right before or maybe bar hop on 4th street right afterwards, either way you are bringing business to downtown which is what makes an area grow! (our downtown needs to grow, that’s why it’s never anything to do) wpid-2015-05-07-11.06.03.png.png

9. It’s a chance to put yourself out there

Do art yourself? Starting your own nonprofit? Making a mix tape? or Are you a musician? Poet, Abrea Armstrong is looking for musicians. Maybe the people don’t know what you have to offer yet. Come share your current ideas over cheese and wine. (this is sarcasm there will be wine probably no cheese)



10. This is the first ever #20SDS

Wouldn’t you like to be at the first event of many! Live and interactive art, poetry, music, food, drinks, free stuff, and a chance to connect with dope creative people


#20SDS is the beginning of something great. The beginning of a new form of entertainment that allows 20 something’s to come together and support and socialize with their peers in a new setting!!! I hope to see you out at Delurk Art Gallery Saturday, May 23rd at 7pm; you don’t want to miss out!