20SDS: Textually Active Podcast

20SDS: Textually Active Podcast

After hours of photos and filming, Textually Active, consisting of Rezz, Simone, Nick, and Meezy, along with their producer, Eric, the other featured podcast, and myself crammed into a living room to hash out what we did and didn't want for August 10th. Outside of the not so structured deliberation, we were able to find out a little bit more about the TA crew.

Anonymous Podcast (for now): "... I'm trying to attend some of these team building exercises."

Eric: "You guys are always welcomed. Creators stick together."

Rezz: "Team building aka excessive drinking and twerking to trap music on the weekends..."

How'd you guys meet?

Nick: "Tinder." 
Eric: "It's a lil complicated..."

They began to explain and it was complicated so for now we will just say a friend of a friend. 

What made you guys start Textually Active?

Simone: "We wanted to offer relationship and singles advice, but it started with myself and Rezz. We were offering our advice, but we are still women at our core, and that's not enough when talking about relationship issues. We needed both perspectives, which is where the guys joined in."

It's obvious you guys have your own personalities. I've often heard you guys refer to Rezz as the mom. If you could label each other's persona what would it be? 

Simultaneously agreeing and talking over each other: "Rezz is the one in the relationship." 
Meezy: "Simone is a hopeless romantic that also lives by these "niggas ain't sh*t."
Meezy: "Nick?"
Arguing over the perfect way to describe him it was hard to hear who determined their final choice. Eventually, I could hear an agreement... 

"Nick would make a great husband but he ain't shit."

M: "I..."
R: "You can't label yourself!" 
S: "Meezy just doesn't know what he's doing."
N: "Meezy is a blind man trying to find the right porno."
The group all laughed as I took down their description. 

Meezy later came to me that night,  "I was going to say I have a Drake heart but Kanye delivery." which I found accurate and had to include. 

What's in the future for Textually Active?

R: "Video!" 
The group chimes in with agreement and excitement. You can tell they have something up their sleeve.
M: "More live podcast recordings..."
S:  "What I think is exciting about the future of TA is the way we gel and continue to form this bond it allows us to have real conversations with each other. Our convos have evolved as the transparency grows."

After meeting with them, I realized that their podcast is only a small glimpse of how crazy they are. There is no telling where the conversation may turn, whether they are guiding Meezy or arguing about acceptable dates you are guaranteed a good laugh listening to the Textually Active Podcast. I'm honestly a little nervous about what may come out at a live show, but until August 10th you can listen to more of their advice here:

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