What Makes This #20SDS Different

What Makes This #20SDS Different

I am doing everything to make this 20 Something Doin’ Something like no other. I have some things in store that I've never done before, *adds wood work and set building to my resume.* If you have never been to a 20 Something Doin’ Something event, it is networking in an environment where we all can be ourselves. Networking made easy. It’s an experience where everyone fits in and can have a good time. So what is happening this year, that makes it better than the years before?

New Location

The beautiful Delurk Gallery has accommodated #20SDS for the past two years, however this year’s event is going to be bigger. With some new additions to the event like the #20SDS Art Exhibit. Not only that, but if weather permits, for the first time ever it will be held outside of this years location, Ambience Event Center.


Outside Art Exhibit Block Party Vibes

At this year’s event I have brought together some of my favorite artists to display their work. You can read about Makeba, Jaysquid, Jazmyn, and Queen Lextion in previous post, but it is literally going to be art on top of art….


I am collaborating with present and previous 20 Something Doin’ Something features to bring you, in my opinion, some dope products. To find out exactly what I and a few others have been working on, you have to make it to the event.

20 Something Doin' Something
20 Something Doin' Something

Social Media Take Over

For those who may miss out, it is okay! I am working with fellow influencer Erica Watts and designer Terrence O’Brien Henderson to coordinate a social media takeover. What is that? They will be showing you 20 Something Doin’ Something from their point of view. Interviewing artists, guest, and sharing what you guys are missing!

Surprise Showing

As you know I am always working on Snooty TV and the next project is dedicated to 20 Something Doin’ Something! Make sure you are there because this is my first time doing a Snooty TV screening. The only way to see it is August 26th at the event

You do not want to miss this event. Get your tickets from Eventbrite by clicking here! The effort put into it by several individuals has made for an epic experience. I would hate for you to not be apart.

20sds promo
20sds promo