#20SDS: MRAY by Marissa & Shelby

#20SDS: MRAY by Marissa & Shelby

I am excited to say I am collaborating with the next feature to bring you a really dope product August 26th! Next up for this year’s 20 Something Doin Something are the creators of apparel and accessories brand MRAY. Owners, Marissa and Shelby, started 3 years ago from several trial and errors but this year they have successfully launched a brand dedicated to inspiring “creativity and self expression.


“It was fun.We made money and went to Hoots, little stuff like that… but we just didn’t love it…. Remember we had that one name Rays of Mars?”


The company is owned by a couple and they have been planning this since the day they met, seeing as they both have a creative side. The name, MRAY, is a mixture of Marissa’s name and Shelby’s middle name (Wray) pronounced “Muhray.” When the brand first came to life the owners were creating dog collars and keychains but they were not in love and fully sold  on the idea. They currently have various pins and graphic tees with designs hand drawn by Marissa herself. Some of the tees have witty phrases while others show appreciation for the various types of women and hair types.  


Marissa has a background in fashion and knew this is always where she wanted to be. While Shelby has found a niche in the digital and marketing aspect of the company. Marissa gets her creative side from her mother who passed the beginning of this year, and feels she can not let her creative talents go to waste. Which ultimately motivated Marissa and Shelby to take MRAY to the next level.


They have a launch coming soon that will include our collaboration! You can be on the look out for that at MRAY.CO and on their social media. They will continue to produce pins and shirts but they would love to add hats to their upcoming collection especially with fall on the way. Make sure you are at this year’s 20 Something Doin Something so you can get first dibs on this collab with MRAY and Snooty Judy.