Words to Live by... this Week.


Photos and memes with witty phrases come across our timeline all day long, and some of them speak to us more than others. I wanted to share a few words that have made it into my mantra this week. They were bestowed upon me and now I feel I must impart a bit of knowledge in someone else’s life. phonto-e1501084866241.pngThis is my third 20 Something Doin’ Something in Winston Salem. Every year my goal is to make it better than the year before. I have all these ideas that I really do not have a clue how I am going to make them even happen. For some reason, the mantra ‘go hard or go home” keeps coming to mind when I get discouraged about making this event the best ever. I refuse to go home, figuratively, I refuse to keep working a career I do not enjoy so I am going to keep going hard until it gets me where I want to be.

I love to put my Music Library on shuffle and this week a song popped up that I had not heard in a long time, Majid Jordan's "Learn From Each Other." I have made lots of new friends since I began blogging. I have also met some people who did not have Snooty Judy’s best interest at heart, and here lately it’s been more than I’d like to deal with. However, everyone I have met, I have learned from tremendously. Whether it be new resources or new ways to conduct business, I try to see every opportunity good or bad as a chance to learn from an individual and to mature in my thinking. Instead of complaining about the things people have done to me here lately, I am trying to remember the lesson in it.

I heard this on the the first episode of Season 2’s Insecure. Issa’s boss wanted to give up on the high school program Issa was counseling. After begging her boss not to, she agreed to one more try and told her to remember the popular Ice Cube lyric. At first I laughed then realized, “hey she is right.” Give it your all and YOU GOT IT! I hope these words spoke you as much as they did me. What are some words that speak to you?

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