#20SDS Artist: Queen Lextion

#20SDS Artist: Queen Lextion

“Chemistry is so black and white and I am yellow, and blue and purple. I’m everything.”


The next artist that will be displaying her work at this year’s 20 Something Doin’ Something has been making her way around North Carolina sharing her art and building confidence and self love through her body painting. Queen Lextion originally went to East Carolina University to study chemistry to become a pediatrician when she realized it wasn’t really what she wanted and noticed her love for art.

It all started her junior year, in a college apartment. She hated how bare her apartment walls were and wanted to create her own art to cover them. Her first piece was a butterfly where she challenged herself to not use the same color twice, helping her to learn how to mix and create colors. She started on poster board and before the popular Wine & Paint classes, Queen Lextion and her friends would paint in her dorm room together and used it as a form of therapy. People would see her walls covered in her home and want to commision her instantly for work. After realizing how much she loved it and paired with the encouragement of friends, she realized this is something she found therapeutic and wanted to take more seriously.


“2017 is a lot of grinding and finding”

She mentored under a local artists named Devora Black, who saw one of her pieces and encouraged her to take her artwork from print to product. This was the catalyst that inspired her to start Queen Lextion. A year after she launched Queen Lextion she began to do body painting. Last year she did a body painting show at Winston Salem Fashion Week called “Bloomsday” and she will be at Winston Salem Fashion Week again as the opening show.

What can we expect from Queen Lextion? Queen Lextion and her mother are currently working on personalized handmade bags to include when someone purchases one of her pieces. I was lucky enough to see one, and they are pretty dope. She wants to put herself out there more but wants to make sure she has a strong foundation. She wants to make sure she is prepared for whatever she is jumping into next. She has so many breath taking pieces which is why I asked her to be apart. Make sure you are at this year’s 20 Something Doin’ Something to see some of the new artwork Queen Lextion is creating.

Make sure to follow her on social media and check her website to support and purchase her work at www.QueenLextion.com

IG: @queenlextion / @im_pureroyalty

FB: Queen Lextion