20 Something Doin' Something: Jasmine Stover & Thirsty Inc

20 Something Doin' Something: Jasmine Stover & Thirsty Inc

20 Something Doin' Something is a series I started 3 years ago. It places a positive spotlight on innovative individuals "doin' something" to fulfill their dreams. Over the years the series has featured an array of creatives, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, followed by an event giving everyone the opportunity to mingle, while enjoying entertainment and art.  The first feature for 2017's #20SDS is non-profit owner and founder, Jasmine Stover. In 2012 she started her non-profit, Thirsty Inc, and is helping her community working with children of all ages.

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Voted "Grassroots Leader of the Year" by Neighbor for Better Neighborhoods and a recent graduate of the leadership Winston-Salem program, Jasmine has been a community advocate for years. Not only that,  she is a talented artists using her gifts to teach and entertain others. She has partnered with the city and various organizations to bring positive activities and experiences to young adults in Winston Salem that are sure to benefit their future. Activities we wish we were taught in high school besides the Pythagorean Theorem, like financial literacy. Thirsty Inc.'s collaborative efforts provide programs for things we know can be used.

Thirsty is made of several components offering these different experiences. One of their projects, called "One Saturday Morning" (OSM), is a life skill program broken into four parts teaching health and fitness, social awareness, fashion, and financial literacy. Thirsty also encourages community service with their Heart of Humbling Opportunites (H2O) project. They recently partnered with senior services to create inter-generational projects, such as the urban garden at Sprague. Thirsty also works with the after school program at Sprague where the kids eat snack from their own garden that they have cultivated.

What can we expect from Thirsty in the future?  She is working on an endeavor called “Project Shadow Me,” that allows high school students to shadow an adult in the field they would like to pursue.....  it's amazing to see her give back her talents to children ... If you are interested in being a volunteer with Thirsty, just check out her website and apply.Thirsty just check out her website and apply.

August 26th you can come mingle with Jasmine and other Thirsty Inc. volunteers from 7 pm to 10 pm at Ambience Special Event Center at the 3rd Annual 20 Something Doin' Something. You can follow this link to get your tickets to #20SDS.  Tickets will be available Friday, July 14th, and for the first 24 hours there will be a limited amount of $5 tickets. HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!

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