#20SDS: "REVE ON" with Glam Makeup Pro

#20SDS: "REVE ON" with Glam Makeup Pro

I have come to realize that I want to help others creatively for a living. Whether it be clothing, fashion shows, social media, or photoshoots. I want to help make others look good. I started my blog as a way to create things when the doors I wanted were not opening. I wanted to do a concept shoot for Reve Lips and didn’t know where to begin. Brittiany Jenkins, owner of Glam Makeup Pro, messaged me asking how she could help with #20SDS and immediately I knew how she could be a part. At first I told Brittiany I wanted to do a photoshoot using fairytale archetypes with witches and princesses, she was excited and immediately on board. I showed her several pictures of things that I wanted or thought would be cool and let her work her magic. Brittiany has been doing makeup for two years and her skills and professionalism is out of this world. After she transformed each girl, I was in awe and tried to take notes as she did her thing. After our first shoot, I changed the concept. It went from fairytale archetypes to “REVE ON” and Brittiany being talented and flexible was accommodating and came up with two looks to go with this new idea. She was so awesome to work with!

I spent hours at Hobby Lobby and Walmart trying to find the right crafts to bring these ideas to life. I purchased over 30 different flowers to put in the “Good Reve’s” hair and bought a kiddie pool to take the photos of the “Wet Reve.” The photo shoot took two days to complete and all of the models spent their entire day with Brittiany and me, letting her layer their faces with makeup and me putting them through some rather unusual circumstances to get the perfect shot. I can’t express how happy I was that everybody was very cooperative and wanted this idea to come to life. At first I was struggling with placing the flowers in one of the models hair and Brittiany stepped right in and helped. The Good Reve might have been one of the most complicated to set up and the other model watched in awe patiently. The entire experience was tiring but awesome. I am so grateful for Glam Makeup Pro and all of the models, I was so worried that the photos were not going to come out right but with everyone’s help they were beautiful I hope you guys enjoy!


Check out behind the scenes footage as well as the photos below!