Why I Did Nothing When My Friends Didn't Support Me

Why I Did Nothing When My Friends Didn't Support Me

It’s sad that this has to even be written, even though it’s none the less true, but the lack of support or sometimes silent support you receive from your friends and even family can sometimes leave you wondering. This goes for more than just your business plans, for example, sometimes friends don’t support our relationships. But I heard someone say something very important “You cannot choose how someone decides to support you.” It is just a reality that for whatever reason, all of your friends may not have your back.  My advice when I see my friends aren’t as supportive as I hoped is to do NOTHING and here’s why. Since I graduated from Meredith all of my friends are all over the place, some in Charlotte, Dallas, DC, Atlanta and some right in here in Winston. Besides the fact that we are all starting our lives in different areas of United States, we all have our very OWN lives. Some have kids, some are married, and some work a lot. I guarantee they are supporting you in different ways. Some of my friends were able to surprise me and come to my event and some weren’t but that is okay. As we get older hanging around your friends all day everyday kind of fades away when you are focused on your own career and life.


You don’t have to call out everything someone says and does. I like to take note and remember. I had a friend I quickly realized I could not bring around the guys because it quickly turned into something else, if you know what I mean. She was only supporting me because of what she could get out of it. Sit back and take note so you know what’s going on.



I said this before, if people were real with their emotions things would be a lot easier. There is nothing wrong with being jealous. Happiness, anger, love, and yep even jealousy are natural emotions, it’s how you deal with your emotions and what you do with them. I tell my best friend I am jealous of her long hair all the time, but that’s not her problem. I'm just going to have to grow mine out. I also have to remember what works for my best friend doesn’t work for me. If your jealous friend can’t realize and do those things, then maybe they aren’t your real friend. Which leads to my next point…


I was hurt my friends didn’t support me the way I thought they should, but you can’t choose how someone supports you. Whether it be advice, monetarily, or coming to your events, your true friends care. Now if it is a fake friend, I promise you somewhere down the road they will make it clear they aren’t you true friend. That’s why you just take note and try to keep your friends’ funny acting ways far away. They will eventually fall off the face of your Earth.

You want your friends and family to be by your side. You want them to be as excited about your new endeavors and relationships as much as you are but sometimes that just isn’t the case, and yes it can make one sad. They will either come around or drift away. I never say anything because my focus is always my goals, not my lack of support from a friend or family member that doesn’t understand. Don't let your friends or families lack of support stop you from being great.

Keisha is one of my many bomb friends who shows support, I just thought this was a cute picture lol