10 lessons learned thru memes & gifs.

10 lessons learned thru memes & gifs.

Many people don’t know this, but Snooty Judy is my third blog. I still have some of the same issues that caused me to give up on my previous two blogs, but Snooty Judy has come farther than I imagined, and it’s caused me to wonder: what makes this time different than the other times? I’ve learned quite a few things on the way, which I will say, has definitely helped me in these beginning stages of building my brand.     

wpid-screenshot_2015-08-17-12-39-50.png1. Alone is where you become strong

This is not an option! You will do it ALONE in the beginning, people will support you, but they will not be as passionate it about it as you are and that’s okay. Embrace being alone. Sometimes you can’t go out with friends because you need that time alone to build your dreams.




2. Relationship, friendship, partnership...communicate and listen. That's all you’ll need.

I just felt like adding this one; it grinds my gears when people don’t listen! Communicate and listen. Say how you feel and listen to others. Even if that means you’re telling a graphic designer you don’t like a font they’re using—be upfront in the beginning! Directness gets you far.



wpid-wp-1440079838816.gif3. Your friends, family members, even significant other may be jealous.

I honestly felt bad for working so hard on my blog. I’ve even had people very close to me tell me my blog was all I focused on and took up too much of my time. It made me sad and I lost focused on trying to please someone else. Big fucking mistake! Sometimes even the people closest to you ain't for you.




4. Opinions are just that: an opinion.

People are not always going to like everything you do and that’s okay. DO YOUR THING. I’ve had three different girls tell me how much they appreciate me for being myself or my quirky style because they were bullied for the same things. . . opinions don’t make dollars, ACTIONS DO. SO DO YOU!



5. Check your circle. If it's you and your mom that's cool, they'll come around, eventually...

Everybody doesn’t have your best interest at heart. People in your circle may genuinely love you but their negative spirit may throw you off. That can be draining. People’s energy can cause you to lose focus and steer you off your path. . .let them love you from a distance.




6. ...and everyone who approaches your circle won't be worth letting in

I have made some cool friends through my blog, and now we are working together to try and bring new things to Winston. I’ve kind of met some shiesty people too, but that comes with business.


wpid-wp-1440079838814.gif7. it's ok to change, revamp and create a new you

I went to school for fashion design. I knew I was going to be Vera Wang I loved her business plan and I wanted to make gowns. Well I made this long dress that took me six straight hours to complete and I hated it! I changed my major to fashion merchandising, which was aight, but I had to take a lot of marketing courses. . . then I realized I liked marketing. . . a lot! So I switched everything up! The same thing happened with my blog: I began talking about fashion buuuut that got boring real quick! So I started talking about other things I liked which was seeing other being successful and creative and then came 20sds!



8. Part of the struggle is things not going your way...


Exhibit A: for the 20sds event, FedEx messed up my order the night before, my projector stopped working night of, oh, and I cut all my hair off because the day of the event my braids were falling out. I'm used to getting my way, and when I don't, I'm going to find a way. FedEx charged me $70 for a $800 job they messed up, and ion even think ya’ll noticed the projector stopped—regardless we still had a good night (and I prefer my new hair over all the hairstyles I’ve had)!



9. I had to step out of my shell. . . which really sucks!wpid-wp-1440081875033.jpg

When I first started blogging, I would post things on social networks and cut off the notifications. I did not want to be heartbroken if it only got 4 likes. Talking to people and sharing your creative ideas can be painful and sometimes it still is for me. At times I just have to grow some balls and put myself out there! JUST DO IT!



10. Building your dream can be FUN but it's hard work.

- When I'm getting content for my blog. I usually don't sleep

- When I was planning 20sds... (I'm not exaggerating) I slept maybe two hours per night for a month. After the event was over I slept for a day (this is real life).wpid-wp-1440080896802.png

- I’m also broke a lot... but it takes money to make money! I spend money on things to help continue my dream.

- Again this is my third blog and Snooty Judy isn't even where I want it to be.wpid-wp-1440085641047.gif .