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20 Something Doin' Something 20 Something Doing' Something

20 Something Doin' Something:

Truth Life Revolution

Being 20-something, I have realized now is the time to travel, take various jobs, or get in those 10,000 hours of practice to pursue my own dream. However, it is not easy. Nothing is easy about figuring out what’s the best career path for you, or what exactly you want out of life. It's even harder when, after you graduate, you are expected to pay bills or student loans. Instantly thrown into the real world with no REAL preparation or resources for what you REALLY WANT out of life. After graduation the biggest struggle I have had is following my own dreams while just being able to survive. Following my own dreams, while working every day to build someone else's empire.

The 20 Something Doin' Something portion of my blog is dedicated to young entrepreneurs and artists in our area, in their 20s, steadily persevering to develop their own empire.  I admire their work ethic and creative abilities. Individuals who are my peers, from the same neighborhoods, or high schools whose tenacity and innovation inspire me and hopefully others my age to go for their own dreams. 20-somethings who are doing something that they love, and their own hustle cannot be stopped.wpid-img_3953-1.jpg

In last week's blog post 72° - #MadeInWinston, I wore a shirt from a local clothing line Truth Life Revolution (TLR). When I went to get my shirt I got a chance to talk to these young owners a little bit more. It is a street wear company made right here in Winston Salem, NC that started in 2008, and as time grew on they began to look to their friends to expand their team. Why not turn your friends on? They wanted to keep all of their help in house. More than a business, TLR is a friendship that consists of a conglomerate of talents. Several young African American males were able to turn their individual abilities, and a bond that most have had since high school, into a business. Their team consists of a graphic designer, photographer, lawyer, PR executive, and so much more. TLR’s focus, outside of providing dope clothes, is to be able to uplift other African American males as well, and to be pioneers for this generation. I asked them what exactly did their name mean, they responded “Stay True to yourself while living your Life, creating your own positive Revolution.”


Their apparel has distinctive meanings behind each of its designs, designs rooted in music, literature, and film. TLR has teamed up with Dupp & Swat and will be presenting their newest designs at their #MadeInWinston fashion show Saturday, April 18th at 7pm. The show will feature a plethora of other brands that originated right here in Winston Salem as well as an entertainment filled night with several local talents such as comedy, music, and more. I personally fell in love with the shirt that they are dropping for this event and that’s what made me want to look into it more! I will be there and can’t wait to see what all they have to offer and I am excited about what they are bringing to the Winston area.

You can purchase tickets here at eventbrite and clothing at their website here.

Support means everything.