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I was road tripping with my sister to watch her teach at one of her skin care events. While staring at her in conversation her bright blue and green earrings got my attention. I cut her off mid sentence to get answers asking where she got them. She explained a friend of hers had made them, and now she was beginning to form her own jewelry business. I had to meet her and get my own pair of these beautiful earrings.

kiawinston salem native kia smalls hand made jewelry local I was so excited to get in touch with Kia Smalls the owner of Must Haves and the creative mind behind these accessories. She has always enjoyed creating things especially as a child, and remembers a jewelry kit her mother bought her in the 80's that she would say sparked this desire, but now her talent for making jewelry for just family and friends has grown into a business.  She started Must Haves just last winter and a major part of her inspiration was the desire to be able to work from home and be more available to her family.

Not only does she make earrings, but cuff links, hair bows, and soon necklaces for very reasonable prices. Between me and my sister I think we purchased her earrings in every color offered. However, it doesn't end with colors she also has prints and school emblems as well. Dainty earrings and accessories that you can dress up or wear casual. Unfortunately, the blue and green pair happen to be her best seller and were sold out, but I was still able to find two other fabulous pair.

If you like her style as much as I did and would like to see some of her other creations please support an origiNATIVE of Winston Salem, NC. Contact Kia Smalls for your own at MustHaves2014@yahoo.com.

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