#fbf - rooftops in BK


After a night at the Yeezus concert in DC, I made a quick run to Brooklyn to visit some friends and do some shopping for another trip I had coming up. The artist's loft we rented was beautiful with floor to ceiling windows and an amazing view of the East river and the Freedom Tower. The modern apartment itself wasn’t even the best part; the unique loft had an all-around roof top view with the New York City skyline on one side and Brooklyn on the other. Not only were the views unparalleled but the entire roof was covered in vibrant graffiti. The walls, the fences, even the screen that the residents sometimes come to the rooftop to watch movies on, was coated in drawings. You could look down onto other rooftops and see other buildings covered in even more graffiti. I would love to be a bird flying over Brooklyn because the bird’s eye view of the NYC rooftops is totally different than the view walking the NYC streets. I simply had to use this colorful rooftop for a photo op.

   stairwell2 me candid stairwell