Ignant Truth 106 – “This Isn’t a Sports Show”

This isn't a sports show but this week it is. Chuck and UBU share their thoughts on Josh Gordon coming back to the league, the NFL not lasting long. and sports injuries. However, keep listening, it's not limited to sports as the fellas review a few albums and address Tyrese's internet meltdown.


  • Tyrese Needs to Talk About His Problems Just Not on the Internet
  • Kevin Spacey Touching Men
  • Josh Gordon is Back in the League
  • The NFL isn’t Going to Last That Long
  • Sports Injuries
  • Complex’s Corny Comparisons
  • Are You Interested In Bringing Back Moesha?
  • You Know who is After the Donald, Mike Pence. Just Chill. – Paul Manafort and Russia
  • I Wish There Was a Three Day Blackout
  • Street wear is run by People Who are Not Street.
  • Album Reviews: Chris Brown & Krit
  • No shave November

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