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Black People Takeover Halloween… Just Like Everything Else

Growing up black, we were only allowed to dress up as angels for Hallelujah night, ain’t no Halloween bih. However, as black joy and creativity is becoming more accepted, the costumes this year were on a whole new level. For a holiday that some of us weren’t allowed to celebrate growing up, y’all definitely made up for lost time. Here’s a list of my favorite costumes from this Halloween.

Garner Style Kills it as Mariah Carey

Chastity Garner of Garner Style dressed up as Mariah Carey in a hot pink leotard. She even did a cute video to match Carey’s mediocre performance that has been floating around the internet.

Gucci You Don’t Love Me

Dressed as every little black girl’s favorite cartoon character growing up, this young black designer out of Pittsburgh went all out with her Halloween costume as Susie Carmichael.

We Found Cardi’s Blankie

Last week she broke up with Offset because she thought he had something to do with her missing purple blanket. We Found it!

Biggie Hold Me Down Baby

Favorite couple costume goes to… THESE TWO! The iconic look from the ’96 hit “Crush on You” has got to be the best part. They worked perfect together and we are here for it!

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Daaaaamn Gina

Everyone knows the episode where Gina’s head gets stuck in between the headboard. Watching this girl stumble in the party just like Gina did in the 90s’ TV show instantly takes you back. You can’t help but laugh at her voice sounding just like Gina’s.

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Supa Dupa Fly

Why didn’t I think of this one? It’s just an inflated trash bag right? The simplest costume but it could easily be the best one on this list. 

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Bad Gal RiRi

Yesssss! Here for the redo of Rihanna’s Met Gala ensemble. She did an amazing job recreating this look only using glue, poster board, fabric, scissors and no professional training.

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The Babies Even Came Through

Omg! Gimme Gimme! This makes you want a baby tomorrow just so you can dress him up for Halloween!

Don’t Touch My Hair

After that silly magazine erased Solange’s hairstyle, it is nice to see people appreciate it by remaking the magazine cover. She did that.

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OH MY GOD! She nailed the outfit but the fact that she nailed the entire movie routine. I AM DONE! She won Halloween this year!



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