PLAYLIST: Modern Day Freaknik

If Freaknik made it to the 2000s, what songs are guaranteed to make you dance? All the songs that didn't get a chance at the 90s gathering of HBCUs, are all on this playlist.

Top Notch Twerkfest.

Listen to it in your car. NSFW cause your gonna dance.

While creating this list I took the time to do some extra research about the well known event, and found an interesting article, “Freaknik: The rise and fall of Atlanta’s Most Infamous Street Party” (click here to read).  The different stories with various perspectives of Freaknik experiences starting from it’s creation to closing were very interesting. I’ll let you form your own opinion as to whether or not it should have been shut down but the article definitely provides some insight and almost caused me not to publish the playlist, BUT here we are so I hope you ENJOY!

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