20 something doin' something

#20SDS Giveaway

I can’t wait to see you all Saturday, I have a lot of surprises waiting!I have been working with several companies to provide the perfect prizes as giveaways. How can you win these giveaways, well I will tell you at the event so make sure you get your ticket at Eventbrite. However, here are just a few of the small gifts that will be inside these bags you can win.

20 something doing something 20sds


When I received this package I was immediately in love! Thank You Mother Earth is a company that specializes in hand poured soy candles. The candles smell amazing and they offered various sizes and aromas to add to every bag. They also are based right up the road in Charlotte, NC. You can follow their social media sites by clicking the following links, just in case you can’t wait until Saturday. They will also be in attendance so bring your coins.






Tie Essentials has offered some of their amazing Shea Butter! So not only will your home smell good but so will you with their handmade organic skin care products. Check out their social media sites, they even have products for those in the beard gang.







This company is based out of Brooklyn and owned by a fellow 20 something. Owner, Racheal D, is a wellness facilitator and specializes in herbal blends. I ordered my own personal tea blend first and as soon as the Post Office seal broke, it smelled amazing. It has been nothing but a pleasure speaking with Racheal and I love everything about her amAzing company, so I was excited when she agreed to send every one of her flavors to go in the give away bags. Each flavor is recommended for something different so hopefully you win the bag that is just right for you. Click the links to follow Golden Flourish.



20 something doing something 20sds


Not only will there be an announcement about the collaboration between MRAY and I, but they have also provided a pin to go into every giveaway bag. It is from their newest collection which drops this Friday,  August 25, so you will be one of the first to have get your hands on it.







Don’t worry fellas we have a pin for you too. Radical Dreams has so many dope pins and they sent me almost all of them to share with you guys! They specialize in black culture and history. I fell in love with the Obama pins and wanted to keep it for myself so bad but it will be included in one of the giveaway bags




20 something doing something



The amazing owner of Glow Girl products wanted to provide something that could be shared with every event attendee, they even provided a few extras. They donated their body and hair serum.My sister, who specializes in skin care, read the ingredients and was blown away.  She also tried to take one; that’s how great these products are.




The crazy part is there will be more surprises in the bag, but we can not reveal those just yet.If you want a chance to win these amazing goodies, then some make sure you are at 20 something Doin’ Something this Saturday.


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