20 something doin' something

#20SDS Artists: Makeba Hentz

August 26th is gonna be full of amazing 20 something artist displaying their work; some pieces for the first time! The next artist to be featured is a painter and the owner of Distrtict 89, Makeba Hentz. I was able to pick this artist’s brain about her work and the things she wants to bring to her city.

“I’ve been doodling for as long as I can remember”

20 something doing something

Makeba has been doing artwork for years and has always considered herself a creative. She was working your typical job when she realized how much she hated it and didn’t have enough time to focus on her art and personal business. Once she quit her job, she began focusing on her marketing company, District 89, where she does various graphic design work for other companies.

“When she sees me painting she points at her own paint set and wants to paint beside Mommy…”

Makeba’s driving force to be a great artist is her daughter. She notices already the influence she has on her baby girl. Growing up Makeba was inspired by her own mother and now she inspires her daughter. She mentions that even though she is an inspiration, it is sometimes hard painting with a two year old trying to add her own personal touch to her work.

Makeba’s pride in her city has inspired her to bring more things to Winston-Salem, NC to do. She recently branched out to having events, where she shares the work of local creatives. Her first event, Metanoia, was completely glow in the dark and her most recent event, Rebirth of Cool, was a showcase of all different kinds of art. She is currently working on a new event to bring to the area involving art and comedy, that I cannot wait for. Metanoia was amazing and, fingers crossed, I am praying for another one of those. Follow Makeba on Facebook and Instagram at @district89 so you can keep touch with the different things she has coming up.

20 something doing something


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