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#20SDS Contest: Reve Lips

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who took the time to read the post and directions and participate in the contest! (yeah that’s shade because reading is fundamental). There is a bigger picture here and I am grateful for those who took the time to try to understand. I was able to find out about a lot of people doing great things to not only get their dreams off the ground but also help their communities. From Ashley Payne’s hair studio,  to Savory Sweets by Shonise, to amazing artist like Makeba Hentz the list of people was never ending and I was over joyed to see it. However, there was one person who got the most votes (by following the directions) and that is Teria and her lip line Reve Lips!


It was amazing to hear the different things that people were saying about Teria, but what most people said about her was that she was very professional. When we got together to do her photoshoot she was just that! I told her how I was afraid to wear different colors and she created a nude lip specifically for me, that I am wearing in the previous post. She carries a sample box for people to try on the different colors and she places lipstick samples on the back of her business cards!

It was clear she is business minded but she is also very sweet and shy. As we took pictures, she expressed how nervous she was but she eventually opened up and I could really see how passionate she was about wanting to be a great entrepreneur. She shared some of the many things she has done since starting Reve Lips in 2013.


Reve Lips was started when she couldn’t find a black lipstick on her way out for her birthday. Which ended in disaster but it didn’t stop her. She researched and developed a lipstick that she liked and months after she started her line, Reve (which means dream in french) Lips,  she went on the road with 500 samples and business cards, handing them out in different cities.

Almost 3 years later she is now hosting events where she gives a platform for others who are trying to create their own businesses to come and get their name out. Truth Life Revolution inspired her to start shows. She expressed how she looks up to them and sees them as big brothers with the example they have set in the city. She will be hosting one of her ‘Dream, Sip, and Shop” events March 26 that is free if you get your ticket here.

Without support our dreams would not make it at all and again that was the main focus of this contest. I asked Teria where does her biggest support come from. Winston of course but mainly her friends who have helped in various ways. She has a team of supportive friends like her Stephanie handles PR and has Teria’s back in so many ways. Her friend Cresha, makes sure her hair is on point. Her friend Whitley who did the makeup for this photoshoot, always makes sure she looks fabulous and while Teria was nervous shooting she kept her calm and was their for comfort. Her boyfriend is her number 1 supporter and of course her family is always there to remind her that God is always there for her when nobody else is.


She expressed how winning would really help her business out. Her plans are to use the money to invest in more supplies considering the company she developed a relationship with has been bought out and changed a few of their prices. She explained, in the future the she wants to get into lipliners and possibly eye shadows but right now her focus is expanding her current brand of lip colors. I’m excited for Reve Lips and the things to come, I love that she is being innovative and head strong in getting out her dreams! Congratulations Teria, I cant wait for the future.



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