Ignant Truth Ep 108: “Only People From NC like J Cole”


  • Lil Peep’s death
  • “XXXtention chord thought he was jumped by the Migos”
  • “How do we even pronounce Jaden Smith album?” – album review
  • “Ion like Solage just cause she Beyonce sister”
  • “Takeoff riding the wave and if he wasn’t family he would’ve been dropped off”
  • “Only people from North Carolina like J Cole”
  • “Jerry Jones is trying to get Roger Goodell up out of here”
  • “Ion think them boys should be suspended the entire season for shoplifting”
  • “Jobs are goofy… I’m not tryna have a Thanksgiving potluck”
  • “Fire breathing Christian Roy Moore”
    • Shareef – Click here to listen
    • Jay Major – Click here to listen
    • Johnathan Randall Boone  – Click here to listen
    • OG Spliff – Click here to listen
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